My Man Godfrey (1957) Poster

Robert Keith: Alexander Bullock


  • Man at Bar : : Get a load of the dizzy dame with the monkey.

    Mr. Bullock : I've been gettin' a load of her for thirty years. That's my wife.

    Man at Bar : I'm - I'm sorry, old man.

    Mr. Bullock : *You're* sorry! How do you think I feel?

  • Irene : She called him a creep! And you know what you said you'd do to her the next time she was rude to somebody.

    Mr. Bullock : You bet I remember. I said I - hey, it was *you* I said that to.

    Angelica : It was not. It was me. And I've never been so humiliated in my life! You said it was stupid of me to go to the opera in weather like this without long underwear.

    Mr. Bullock : *You* said that to *me*, and in front of all those people!

    Angelica : And if that isn't humiliating, I don't know what is, especially at a benefit. You didn't even send them a check.

    Cordelia : What about my car!

    Angelica : No, honey. They want money.

  • Mr. Bullock : I must be out of my mind.

    Irene : Oh, nobody's perfect, dad.

  • Mr. Bullock : Haven't I seen you some place before?

    Godfrey : At your party last night, sir. I'm a little less bearded now.

  • Mr. Bullock : Thank you, uh...

    Godfrey : Godfrey, sir.

    Mr. Bullock : Thank you, Godfreysir.

  • Mr. Bullock : Get rid of that animal.

    Irene : Oh, no!

    Angelica : Oh, yes! He doesn't even have the decency to let Vincent sing.

    Mr. Bullock : Smart dog. He can stay.

  • Mr. Bullock : It's bad enough when the government takes ninety percent of what I make, but when my family takes another forty percent...

    Angelica : Well, I don't see why you want to give the government more than you give your own family.

  • Angelica : I think it's terrible the way some men treat their families. There's a story in here about a man who drowned his wife in the bathtub.

    Mr. Bullock : Maybe it was the only way he could get her to take a bath.

  • [there is a loud crash in the hallway] 

    Angelica : Oh, dear.

    Mr. Bullock : What's that?

    Angelica : Oh, I hope it wasn't the big yellow vase with the fauns frolicking on it.

    Godfrey : No, madam, that was the green one with the cupids capering on it.

    Angelica : Oh.

    Mr. Bullock : Thank you, Godfrey.

    Godfrey : One does what one can, sir.

  • [looking at Vincent] 

    Lieutenant O'Connor : Is this your son?

    Mr. Bullock : [angrily]  Now, listen here! I've been blamed for a lot of things in my life, but...

  • Mr. Bullock : Now, you've been with us for quite a while now. Why do you stay on? I have to. You don't.

  • Mr. Bullock : Boys, I want to apologize for my family.

    Lieutenant O'Connor : That's all right, sir. We can see what you're up against.

  • Mr. Bullock : It's not going to kill this family to act like normal, healthy people for a while.

  • [the police stop by] 

    Angelica : Maybe they have news of Vincent.

    Mr. Bullock : If they have, so help me, I'll never pay another cent of taxes.

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