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  • When he is placed on probabtion for stealing a car and joyriding, young Nick Conover (Pat Boone) is forced to leave Chicago to live and work on the Kentucky farm of his aunt and uncle, Henrietta (Jeanette Nolan) and Jed (Arthur O'Connell) Bruce, who are still suffering after the death of their own son, Jed Jr., and Jed is not happy to have a juvenile delinquent living with him. Nick finds a friend in Liz Templeton (Shirley Jones), a neighbor girl who enjoys harness racing. When Nick finds another friend in Tugfire, the horse who was once Jed Jr.'s trotter, Uncle Jed and Liz teach Nick how to ride sulky. Things are starting to look up for Nick, until he is caught driving a car without a license. Edit

  • April Love is based on the 1941 novel Phantom Filly by George Agnew Chamberlain. Edit

  • While everyone is congratulating Nick for winning the race, Officer Joe comes over to inform Nick that he has to go back to Chicago for breaking probation by driving a car on a public highway after the court took away his license. Liz steps forward to say that it was she who was driving. Liz's sister Fran (Dolores Michaels) confesses to making a mistake when she claimed that Nick was driving. Even Aunt Henrietta steps forward to say that Liz and Fran are telling the truth and that she knows because she was there at the time. Knowing that everyone is just covering for him, Nick admits that he was really the one driving. Officer Joe, knowing how good Nick has been for Jed, admonishes Nick for calling 'all these fine people a liar.' He rules that, if all these people claim Nick wasn't driving, then he wasn't. Case closed. In the final scene, everyone drives home signing 'April Love.' Edit



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