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Jack Klugman: Juror 5



  • Juror #10 : [when a new "not guilty" vote appears in a secret ballot]  All right, who was it? I wanna know.

    Juror #11 : Excuse me, this was a secret ballot. We all agreed on that. Now, if the gentleman wants it to remain secret...

    Juror #3 : "Secret"? What do you mean, "secret"? There are no secrets in a jury room, I know who it was.

    Juror #3 : [to Juror #5]  Brother, you really are somethin'. you sit here vote guilty like the rest of us, then some golden-voiced preacher starts tearing your poor heart out about some underprivileged kid, just couldn't help becoming a murderer, and you change your vote. Well, if that isn't the most sickening - *why don't you drop a quarter in his collection box?*

    Juror #5 : [astonished that #3 was accusing him, gets up]  Oh, now just wait a minute! Listen, you can't talk to me that! Who do you think you are?

    Juror #4 : Now calm down, calm down!

    Juror #5 : No, now who do you think you are?

    Juror #4 : It doesn't matter. He's very excitable. Just sit down...

    Juror #3 : [exploding]  "Excitable"? You bet I'm excitable! We're trying to put a guilty man in the chair where he belongs, and then someone starts telling us fairy tales and we're listening!

    Juror #1 : Heya, c'mon now.

    Juror #3 : [to Juror #5]  What made you change your vote?

    Juror #9 : He didn't change his vote - *I* did!

    Juror #10 : [everyone stares]  Ohhh, fine!

    Juror #9 : Would you like me to tell ya why?

    Juror #7 : No, I wouldn't like you to tell me why.

    Juror #9 : Well, I'd like to make it clear anyways, if you don't mind.

    Juror #10 : [impatient]  Do we *have* to listen to this?

    Juror #6 : [firmly]  The man wants to talk.

    Juror #9 : [to Juror #6]  Thank you.

    Juror #9 : [motions to Juror #8]  This gentleman has been standing alone against us. Now, he doesn't say that the boy is *not* guilty; he just isn't *sure*. Well, it's not easy to stand alone against the ridicule of others, so he gambled for support... and I gave it to him. I respect his motives. The boy is probably guilty, but - eh, I want to hear more. Right now the vote is 10 to 2...

    [Juror #7 gets up and heads to the bathroom] 

    Juror #9 : Now I'm talking here! You have no right to leave this room - !

    Juror #8 : [calmly stopping him]  He can't hear you, and he never will. Let's sit down.

  • Juror #7 : You a Yankee fan?

    Juror #5 : No, Baltimore.

    Juror #7 : Baltimore? That's like being hit in the head with a crowbar once a day.

  • Juror #5 : Boy oh boy, it's really hot, huh? Pardon me, but don't you ever sweat?

    Juror #4 : No, I don't.

  • Juror #3 : [as Juror 8 sets up an experiment to see if the old man could reach his front door in 15 seconds]  What do you mean, *you* wanna try it? Why didn't his lawyer bring it up if it's so important?

    Juror #5 : Well, maybe he just didn't think about it, huh?

    Juror #10 : What do you mean didn't think of it? Do you think the man's an idiot or something? It's an obvious thing!

    Juror #5 : Did *you* think of it?

    Juror #10 : Listen, smart guy, it don't matter whether I thought of it. He didn't bring it up because he knew it would hurt his case. What do you think of that?

    Juror #8 : Maybe he didn't bring it up because it would've meant bullying and badgering a helpless old man. You know that doesn't sit very well with a jury; most lawyers avoid it if they can.

    Juror #7 : So what kind of a bum is he, then?

    Juror #8 : That's what I've been asking, buddy.

  • Juror #3 : [recurring line]  You *what?*

    Juror #5 , Juror #7 : You heard me.

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