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Season 1

6 Dec. 1957
The Clarence Redding Case
In order to free Clarence Redding, a drifter accused of killing a teenage girl, the Court of Last resort must track down a man who has been killing a number of girls at another location - and who pawned the red jacket he'd been wearing shortly after the murder.
20 Dec. 1957
The John Smith Case
John Smith, an orphan turned transient, was accused of the murder of a friend who was also a bum and sent to prison for life. He is set free when it is discovered that his arresting officer beat a confession out of him. Eventually the man John was with at the time of the crime is found and his name is finally cleared for good.
21 Feb. 1958
The Frank Clark Case
The sister of a convicted thief and murderer is convinced he is innocent because he was caring for her at the time of the murder. Tim of the Court of Last Resort feels the only way to clear him is to find the real murderer.

 Season 1 

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