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  • Wile E. Coyote unsuccessfully chases the Road Runner using such contrivances as a rifle, a steel plate, a dynamite stick on an extending metal pulley, a painting of a collapsed bridge (which the Coyote falls into while Road Runner passes right through), and a jet motor.


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  • The cartoon's title card is shown on a billboard that bears a tag for Selzer Sign Services. We see Wile E. Coyote hiding behind the billboard. The Road Runner runs past it and Wile starts to chase him until the coyote sees a truck coming the other way. The truck shows the cartoon's credits on it. It emerges from its chase of the coyote victorious, and a battered Wile emerges before he is squashed by a box with the credit for Charles M. Jones as the director. The coyote throws that box away and the shot then freezes as the name COYOTE (Eatus Birdius) appears. Wile then resumes his chase, which freezes for a few seconds to show ROAD RUNNER (Delicius Delicius). The pursuit then continues down the road until the Road Runner makes a U-turn in the form of two quick 90-degree turns. Wile turns around and stops, but has to leap back as the Road Runner passes him with a "beep beep". As the Road Runner sets off down the road, briefly loosening it from its hinge, the coyote worriedly points in the direction of the fleeing bird, then his right hand pulls out a sign saying EGAD, and his left hand pulls out a second sign saying !!. He then drops both signs and begins to think of a plan.

    Wile, armed with a rifle, hides in a manhole. As the Road Runner passes over the cover, the coyote pops out and fires. The action then slows down as it shows a shot of the bullet and the Road Runner. The bullet closes to within half a body-length before the bird turns around, sees the threat, then says "beep beep" before finding a super-fast gear. Puzzled, the bullet hits the brakes and then falls to the ground. Wile picks it up, and it detonates in his face. In a completely different part of the desert, the coyote paces behind a rock face before he comes up with a new plan.

    Wile takes an object from a box which identifies it as "1 Sheet Acme Triple Stength Battleship Steel Armor Plate". He leaps out into the road holding the plate, but even it cannot stop the Road Runner from barreling through it. A puzzled coyote stares at the hole that the bird made, which shows only scenery where parts of the Road Runner's body should logically have been, then walks off distressed by the trauma.

    As the Road Runner feasts, Wile lights a stick of dynamite and puts it onto the end of a fishing line. He casts the line out and the stick lands next to the bird, but then bounces and rolls beneath a large boulder. When the dynamite explodes, it sends the boulder flying and causes it to drop straight onto the coyote.

    Next, Wile dons a green Batman suit and dives off a cliff. He approaches some spikey rocks at the bottom, but gains traction just in time to avoid them before flying through the air first in circles, then in a straight line before he smashes into a big mountainside. The outfit's wings stick to the rock and leave the coyote grappling in the air before he slams into the ground below.

    Wile then perches himself on a high branch with an anvil attached to the end of an Acme rubber band, but he is unable to hold on for long enough, with his feet chafing on the branch, and the anvil slings Wile directly into the ground before the rubber band reactivates to send the coyote directly up into the branch again.

    Wile's next plan is to attach a stick of dynamite to the end of a telescoping device in an attempt to annihilate the Road Runner from far away. However, the device fails to launch the stick in the Road Runner's direction and knocks Wile backwards into a rock face. The dynamite stick is then pulled into the hole and again detonates on the coyote.

    Wile crafts a large sign that says STOP! BRIDGE OUT!, and paints a landscape of a broken bridge onto a canvas, even though the painting doesn't match the actual background. The Road Runner blasts through a corner of the canvas and continues along the road behind. The coyote emerges from his hiding place behind the sign and also tries to run through the canvas, but he jumps into its landscape and suffers its effects, falling off the painted broken bridge.

    Then Wile mines a bridge with TNT and waits in expectation behind the detonator, but it fails to activate promptly and its switch stays upright. The coyote steps on, pulls and slams the switch into the ground, but it refuses to budge. He then runs onto the bridge to resume his pursuit, but the switch then moves and blows the bridge up while Wile is still on it.

    Finally, Wile creates a makeshift jet bike from some Acme iron handlebars and an Acme jet motor. The coyote is not on the motor when it launches, but he is able to grab the end of it and grope his way onto it. He is able to match the Road Runner's pace around a mountain slope and up a cliff. For a moment, the bird appears to be trapped, but he repeats a move he made earlier by making a U-turn on the edge of a cliff in the form of two quick 90-degree turns, and forces Wile to adjust his line in an attempt to collide with his foe, but the vehicle smashes through the middle of the Road Runner's smoke cloud and flies off the cliff. The coyote turns off the power and looks back, but the bike stops just before Wile can make it to safety. The Road Runner is standing on the safe perch, and he gets the coyote's attention with a "beep beep". The bird points downwards, and everything is silenced when a furious Wile realises that the effects of gravity are about to catch up to him again. He loses his grip on the bike and plummets toward the earth. Embarrassed, the coyote breaks the fourth wall when he holds up a sign asking HOW ABOUT ENDING THIS CARTOON BEFORE I HIT?. Wile's wish is granted, and as the cartoon's iris begins to close to the middle, he holds up a second sign saying THANK YOU before the iris-out completes and the cartoon ends.

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