The Court Jester (1955) Poster

Edward Ashley: Black Fox


  • Black Fox : Only the sharpest eye, the keenest nose / the quickest ear and the fleetest toes / Can ever outfox the Fox! Can ever outfox the Fox! / Only the stoutest arm, the bravest heart / with a magic charm and a good head start / Will ever outfox the Fox! Will ever outfox the Fox!

  • Black Fox : Hawkins, how many times have I told you to stay out of my clothes? And who are these little people?

    Hawkins : Oh, these are my friends, sir. They used to work with me at the carnival. They're the finest troupe of acrobats and tumblers in all of England.

    Black Fox : But why did you bring them here?

    Hawkins : Well, they, too, would be part of our group, sir. They feel as strongly as we do about the tyranny, and would join in our worthy cause.

  • Black Fox : Hawkins, I don't mean to be disparaging to your little friends, but weapons are limited, and...

    Hawkins : Oh, I didn't intend for them to fight, sir. I-I... I merely thought that they would take over my chores of entertaining the men. Then perhaps I'd be free to bear arms myself, sir. And come to grips with the enemy, face to face and steel to steel, fist to fist, sir.

    Black Fox : Hmm. Little friends, I'm sorry, but food and weapons are limited, so you see...

    One of Hermine's Midgets : We'll do anything for Hawkins, sir. He always was our friend.

    Black Fox : I'm sorry. There's no time to discuss it. Please go, quickly and without detection.

    One of Hermine's Midgets : Well, if you ever need us, call us.

    Black Fox : Thank you. I shall.

  • Black Fox : Hawkins, the recruits will be here in a moment. Get the child.

    Hawkins : The child. Uh, I-I hate to keep mentioning this, sir...

    Black Fox : Just get the child.

    Hawkins : Well, sir, you know I'd do anything for His Majesty, but don't you think it would look better if a woman...

    Black Fox : Tend to your duty! And get out of my clothes!

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