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25 Oct. 1956
The Johnny Rath Story
When two boys play around in a train yard, one is accidentally trapped in a refrigerator car that soon leaves, and the other boy can't recall details about the car. A huge search effort is mounted.
1 Nov. 1956
The Night of August 7th
Reporter Dean Evans is summoned to the state prison, discovering the prisoners have called him to witness a cell block takeover and hear the prisoner's grievances.
15 Nov. 1956
The Tower
Miller is assigned to follow the story of a psychopath who is holding a priest captive in a church tower.
13 Dec. 1956
The Deep End
A reporter suspects that Johnny, the star football player at the local high school, is actually a cold-blooded killer. He soon finds himself being stalked by Johnny, and the souped-up hot rod Johnny's driving makes it even more dangerous.
3 Jan. 1957
Chicago Exclusive
The police get a tip on a killer from Evans, but he refuses to reveal his source.
11 Feb. 1957
Atom at Spithead
Attending the naval review in England, Miller meets an old Royal Navy officer friend and is let in on suspicions that one of an unfriendly nation's (implied that it's Russia)ships might be involved in a plot to set off a nuclear bomb during the opening ceremony.
18 Mar. 1957
No Peace in Lo Dao
Kate Wells is sent to an emerging far eastern nation where an old king has a rival for power in the form of a rebel warlord known simply as "The Young General". They seem equal in strength and the people's esteem, but can't agree on the country's needs or pace of reforms. Negotiations are soon soured when a figure trusted by both is assassinated.
1 Apr. 1957
Dean Evans covers a frontier days event in a western town where a local born movie star participates in a recreated old time robbery. However, a sniper shoots another of the re-en-actors, is caught, and insists he was aiming for the film actor, but Evans is unconvinced.
6 May 1957
The Death Merchant
A small middle-European country has broken out in riots and unrest. Miller goes to interview the former Prime Minister, who retired after being succeeded by a longtime friend. It seems the new PM has come under the influence of an ex-Nazi industrialist who's trying to rig a revolution and end the nation's fragile democracy.
20 May 1957
The Last Laugh
For an April Fool's day prank in Lisbon, Kate's fellow foreign correspondents work out an elaborate plot with men posing as spies, and a mysterious box that must reach an official in Tangiers. She's soon set wise to the plot, but goes through with it in the spirit of fun, but jewel thieves are also on to the plot, and switch the box with their own.
3 Jun. 1957
Four Minutes to Shoot
As Evans and other reporters wait for a several times delayed atom bomb test in the Nevada desert, a pregnant Mexican girl stumbles into camp,looking desperately for her missing migrant worker husband. The pressmen look for him, but he's hiding out, obliviously in the restricted test area. She's sicker and sicker, and can only be saved if a rare blood type donor can be found.
17 Jun. 1957
Death at Twin Pines
After a local newspaper editor snaps a photo of a dead male, whose body was discovered on a deserted road, the corpse is recognized by reporter Dan Miller (Dane Clark) as a known gangster. Miller's employer (Trans World) dispatches him to the small town to continue the investigation to learn more details for another story.
9 Sep. 1957
The Nameless
After a boy is kidnapped, his anxious parents reveal to Evans that they adopted him through illegal means, and that a whole black market baby organization exists. He investigates and finds the boy's natural father is the culprit, and he's now working with the same gang in New Orleans.

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