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S1, Ep7416
24 Dec. 1984
Episode #1.7416
With Sky's help, Raven delivers a baby daughter. Mark snaps back to reality and apologizes for what he's done. Mike and Nancy bring a bewildered Laurie back home. Del convinces Preacher and Liz to help him return the money he swiped from Sky's safe at Whitney International. Miles urges Beth to reconcile her differences with Liz. Laurie shares her Christmas wish with her parents. Jody rejects Miles' offer to live in his home with Beth. Sky completes the story of how he searched for Raven, but found a family instead.
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S1, Ep7417
25 Dec. 1984
Episode #1.7417
The men decide to kill time playing poker while waiting to go to the church for Miles' wedding to Beth. Beth refuses to put on her wedding dress until she speaks with Liz. Preacher and Liz help Del with his con to return Sky's money without being caught, but they run into unexpected obstacles in the supposedly empty office building. Mitzi brings good news to Gunther. Geraldine tells Raven that she intends to marry Del if he meets certain conditions. Mike and Nancy support Laurie when she vows to find her son John-Victor. Del's con begins to unravel after Sky arrives ...
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S1, Ep7418
26 Dec. 1984
Episode #1.7418
Immersed in their poker game before the wedding, the men don't realize that the clock has stopped. Beth begins to panic when she phones the church and discovers that none of Miles' party has arrived yet. Confronted by Sky, Del admits that he "borrowed" money from the company safe and was trying to put it back. Geraldine has a warm reunion with Laurie Ann. Miles realizes that the clock has stopped and races to the church. Sky decides to forgive Del and keep his schemes a secret. Beth realizes that it's time to go to church and get married.
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S1, Ep7419
27 Dec. 1984
Episode #1.7419
Del bids a tearful goodbye to his son. Liz wants to see Beth before leaving Monticello with Preacher. Chris tells Miles that Derek has gone back to Virginia to see his family over the holidays. Liz and Preacher arrive at the church, but she decides to leave. Chris encourages Liz to go to the wedding reception because Beth wants to see her, too. Miles and Beth marry. After the service, Del pops the question to Geraldine. At the wedding reception, a lonely Chris leaves to take a walk. Preacher and Liz arrive, and Liz goes with Beth to the terrace for a private chat. ...
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S1, Ep7420
28 Dec. 1984
Episode #1.7420
Beth and Liz say goodbye to one another. Chris follows Alicia to Wonderland Lane and enters the M. Hatter antique store, where Alicia is murdered. Chris faces two criminals from her past, and one of them should be dead. Geraldine receives a special delivery that affects her future with Del. Having escaped the antique store, Chris returns with two beat cops, but Wonderland Lane has mysteriously vanished. Miles and Beth arrive at their honeymoon cottage and prepare for bed. Preacher and Liz catch a ride out of Monticello. Chris returns to the wedding reception to tell ...
5 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 5 January 1984
Mike and Nancy leave on their trip. Raven expresses her frustration with Mrs. DeGroot. Sky bonds with Jamey Jeremy tells Shelley he's worried about her. Miles and Derek confer about Chris.
17 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 17 January 1984
Raven orders Gunther to cozy up to Jamey's nanny Mrs. DeGroot to make her nicer. Mitzi talks about her depression with Preacher. Marty asks a stranger why he's trailing his grandfather.
20 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 20 January 1984
Mrs. DeGroot gives her opinion about child rearing prompting eye rolling. Mike shares his experience being sightless with Chris. Jeremy listens as Shelley talks despairingly. Shelley calls the suicide hot line, Preacher answers.
24 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 24 January 1984
Sky and Raven are getting romantic in bed when interrupted by Jamey. The trio have a sweet family moment. Shelley calls the suicide hot line and drunkenly talks to Beth. Derek and Calvin search the distraught woman.
26 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 26 January 1984
Miles arrives with groceries, hoping for a night of romance with Chris. Raven and Sky discuss Standing Elk's case with Geraldine. Jeremy, Mitzi, and Cliff visit Shelley in the hospital. Mike reveals to other club members Sky has his money back.
31 Jan. 1984
Episode dated 31 January 1984
Lynn thinks she's being followed and ducks into the radio station. Beth acts frosty with Miles but won't say why. Preacher plans a night with Jody at college. Shelley and Jeremy make out, Shelley expresses her passion for acting.
1 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 1 February 1984
Preacher suspects Dr. Corell is bothered by something. Jody and Preacher plan on spending the night at her dorm. Cliff and Didi hear the Whitneys out concerning their amateur sleuthing. Mitzi has too much time on her hands.
7 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 7 February 1984
Geraldine confronts Shelley about her debts. Calvin updates Mike and Derek about the suspects in the attack on Chris. Nancy informs Alicia she's done writing. Lane creates a scene concerning his love for Nancy.
8 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 8 February 1984
Raven explains to Jamey why Sky no longer lives with them. Beth and Miles discuss his feelings for Chris. Jody visits Preacher at the radio station but finds him busy. Sky bluffs his way to a big win at the poker table.
9 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 9 February 1984
After the poker game Sky and Mike realize both are keeping secrets. Sky discusses the difficulty of being a parent to Jamey with Gunther. Derek receives a strange call at the radio station. Derek learns Beth is in love with Miles.
10 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 10 February 1984
Raven and Gunther argue about Monsieur Henri. Miles helps Chris rehearse for her dinner date with Derek. Derek and Chris encounter Moe who just ordered his henchmen to kill the Whitneys. Shelley moves in with Geraldine.
16 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 16 February 1984
Chris welcomes her son Matthew to the farm. She prepares a farewell dinner for Miles and Derek. Cliff stops by to ask Raven and Sky about Standing Elk's case. Rave is outraged at Geraldine for letting Shelley move in.
17 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 17 February 1984
The Egans worry about leaving their blind daughter Chris on the farm but she insists. Calvin visits Alicia to ask her a few questions. Raven and Sky are ready to leave town. Preacher goes to see Jody at the University.
20 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 20 February 1984
Derek and Calvin think there is a connection between Wilts Publishing and the mob. Jamey's return brings joy to Raven but Geraldine is apprehensive. Chris is at an isolated house with Matthew and is being watched by criminal types.
22 Feb. 1984
Episode dated 22 February 1984
Derek and Miles charter a plane to rescue Chris. A man stalking Chris enters the house but Chris has already sent Matthew outdoors to safety. Sky and Raven contemplate their future with Jamey.
12 Mar. 1984
Episode dated 12 March 1984
Raven is troubled that she is mother to a five year old. Miles talks to Preacher and Myrna about Beth's collapse from exhaustion. Cliff and Didi urge Standing Elk to return. A shooter tries to kill the Whitneys on their arrival from Paris.
4 Apr. 1984
Episode dated 4 April 1984
Sky and Raven talk about Gunther's disappearance. Nancy with Jeremy discuss the murders than go to the woods where they find a charm bracelet. Peter trails them. Hollis plots to break up Preacher and Jody.
9 Apr. 1984
Episode dated 9 April 1984
Logan joins Raven and Jamey at the ice cream parlor, telling Raven he intends to get sole custody of their son. Sky brings in Shelley to help with business. Peter discusses the sleuthing about the murders with someone on the phone.
12 Apr. 1984
Episode dated 12 April 1984
Raven has an extensive dream about a shirtless Logan. She visits Geraldine to talk but seeing Shelley Raven leaves mad. Beth tells Miles not to overwork like she did. Shelley goes on a 1st date with Gary Shaw, a Wellington professor.
2 May 1984
Episode dated 2 May 1984
Raven goes to the doctor and is surprised by Sky on the way out. Mitzi tells Peter she's suspicious of his behavior. Jeremy and Nancy get a photo of the person in the woods. Chris meets with Miles about her vision problems.
19 Jun. 1984
Episode dated 19 June 1984
Sky overhears Raven agreeing to meet Logan secretly, becomes jealous. Logan tells Raven he's suing for custody of Jamey. Beth meets her old mentor to ask for advice about having sex for the 1st time.
13 Aug. 1984
Episode dated 13 August 1984
Sky, Raven, and Preacher are on the island trying to evade Krich. Del and Alicia plot their next step. Liz and Derek have an intense talk in his office.
15 Aug. 1984
Episode dated 15 August 1984
Preacher scales a cliff to sneak up on Krish who has Del and Alicia tied up. Geraldine throws a gala at the country club for Mike. Krich captures Sky. Derek warns Liz about Miles friendship with Beth.
6 Sep. 1984
Episode dated 6 September 1984
Beth is welcomed back to Monticello by her female friends. Del asks his son Preacher about his concerns. Liz comes onto Miles but is interrupted by Beth. Alicia threatens to shoot Gunther if he interferes in her business.
14 Sep. 1984
Episode dated 14 September 1984
Preacher confronts his father about his recent actions. Sky questions pilot Rick about his betrayal. Liz hears someone skulking as she sculpts in the darkened lab. Liz and Jeremy interrupt Beth's romantic dinner with Miles.
19 Sep. 1984
Episode dated 19 September 1984
Chris comes to remove Jamey from Raven's custody. Raven and Gunther go to court where she vehemently argues her case to the judge. preacher and Sky continue their scam. Del takes advantage of Geraldine's absence to act like a big shot at the office.
20 Sep. 1984
Episode dated 20 September 1984
Raven's courtroom outburst continues, the judge threatens Raven and Murdock with contempt. Later Jamey is brought into chambers, Murdock gets an idea seeing the boy play with keys. Beth explains to Jody why she's a virgin. Preacher is not unconscious while making a call.
7 Nov. 1984
Episode dated 7 November 1984
After Raven is kidnapped Sky signs his companies over to Geraldine. Mitzi is embarrassed for Jody when she appears at the restaurant in a revealing outfit. Jeremy protests being dumped by Liz. Sky pleads for Raven's release on the TV news.

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