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S1, Ep6919
5 Jan. 1983
Episode #1.6919
Raven dreams of returning home with Sky, but awakens with the wrong man. Mike encourages Sky to phone Valerie. On St. Elenora, Ian tells Raven that their hotel room was bugged by his old colleague Mr. Snell. Later, Raven receives an introduction to Snell. Derek wonders to Mike if David Cameron might remove Valerie as the sacrificial lamb in their game to trick Ian. Raven steals the key to Snell's hotel room. Snell assures Ian that fellow spy Constantine is in possession of the elusive phone book. Raven is caught snooping in Snell's room.
3 Jan. 1983
Episode dated 3 January 1983
Ian tells Raven to pack for a trip to an island, she protests. Miles accuses Nicole about not believing him about Nora. Geraldine suggests that Nora could be caught lying on tape.
10 Jan. 1983
Episode dated 10 January 1983
Jody arrives to find the babysitter worried that neither Nicole or Miles are at home. A bartender phones to report Miles is drunk. Spencer and Gunther argue then Nora threatens Gunther. Gavin finds a woman's body at the studio.
11 Jan. 1983
Episode dated 11 January 1983
Miles recovers from his bender with Nicole sharing her concern about his drinking with Jody. The police press Gavin for answers and Derek think Gavin's lying about what he saw. Raven doesn't respond to Ian's marriage proposal.
12 Jan. 1983
Episode dated 12 January 1983
Gavin goes to the Cavanaugh home, telling Jody of Nora's death and that he saw Nicole leaving the scene. Calvin and Damian question Spencer about his whereabouts. Mike and Nancy worry about Valerie's safety.
23 Feb. 1983
Episode dated 23 February 1983
Derek drops by the photo studio and asks Valerie for a date. Mike argues with David about Nancy's involvement in a case. Sky orders Spencer to divest of much of Whitney holdings.
24 Feb. 1983
Episode dated 24 February 1983
Mitzi reveals to Didi seeing Nora the night of her murder. Miles looks into hypnosis to get answers about what happened. Nancy asks Derek to keep Valerie from Sky. Cliff gives away Jody's actual identity to Preacher.
25 Feb. 1983
Episode dated 25 February 1983
Dr. Kee puts Miles under hypnosis, he recalls being at studio where Nora was murdered. Spencer and Camilla discuss the cash for Whitney holdings. Jody confesses her identity to Preacher, smoothing things over.
28 Feb. 1983
Episode dated 28 February 1983
Miles reveals to Nicole his recall of seeing Nora that night she was killed. Derek gets a phone call regarding Miles. Derek and Valerie's date goes well until he brings up Sky. Cliff tells Gavin of Jody's transformation, Gavin doesn't care.
13 Jun. 1983
Episode dated 13 June 1983
The Monticello community acts with shock to the news of Nicole's poisoning and death. Miles is devastated. Derek vows to find the killer. Cliff's restaurant "empire" crumbles after Mary Ann quits.
14 Jun. 1983
Episode dated 14 June 1983
Miles breaks the news of Nicole's death to her son Adam. Jody tells Miles they'll make it through this, then breaks down with Preacher. Gavin discusses Nancy writing a play. Sky and Raven meet private detective Walter Gantz. Preacher stops Miles from drinking.
4 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 4 August 1983
Preacher with Jody confronts his dad Del about the thefts. It's premiere night for the play and Gavin is anxious. Preacher figures out Stephen's connection to his father. Sully with Stephen take Jody and Preacher hostage.
12 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 12 August 1983
Jody and Preacher continue to elude their captors at the beach. Geraldine brings Del to meet the police regarding his cooperation. Del goes to Sully's hotel room to negotiate returning the ruby for his son and Jody's safety.
15 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 15 August 1983
Preacher and Jody are pursued at the beach leading to one henchman dead with Del also shot. Miles wants to help rescue Jody but Derek refuses. Sky and Raven secretly watch Peter met with the limping man.
16 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 16 August 1983
Del is shot dead on the beach Preacher thinks but he's only nicked. After Miles patches him up Chris takes him to jail after Del says goodbye to his son. Raven and Schuyler save Peter's life and the news man agrees to help find the limping man.
17 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 17 August 1983
Gavin stops by to discuss the play's success with Nancy. Mike clears the air with Geraldine. Raven and Schuyler continue their amateur sleuthing, stopped by an explosion that injures Raven.
18 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 18 August 1983
Mike informs Nancy his corruption trial will be dismissed. Sky holds vigil at Raven's bed after she is injured in the explosion. Robbie introduces himself to Preacher and Jody to Preacher's displeasure. Cliff and Mitzi "christen" the office in an unusual way.
25 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 25 August 1983
Raven visits Miles because of her headaches. Chris brings in Robbie for questioning. Cliff gets stuck in the middle of Calvin and Didi's lover's spat. Calvin suggests Preacher as an undercover deputy. Derek convenes a group in Geraldine's office with a plan to get Nicole and Ganz's killer.
26 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 26 August 1983
Mrs. Oakes sees Miles asking him to help her son. Cliff also appears quizzing the Doc Miles about Didi's behavior. In Derek's office, to fool Stan, Chris acts as a suspect in her ex-husband and Nicole's death. Stan panics, tries to flee by helicopter and is shot dead.
29 Aug. 1983
Episode dated 29 August 1983
Miles visits Davey in jail who doesn't regret his attack on a corrupt politician like Karr. Derek tries discourage Raven and Sky's sleuthing. Preacher tells Jody he wants a future with her.
1 Sep. 1983
Episode dated 1 September 1983
Preacher is sworn in as a undercover cop. He meets Jody at the disco where she becomes paranoid, leading to a fight between Preacher and Robbie. Geraldine disapproves of Raven's detective methods.
16 Sep. 1983
Episode dated 16 September 1983
Robbie is elated after Michael gives him the news that Karr has withdrawn from the race. Dr. Corell goes to the mental hospital to see Didi. Miles and Derek discuss dating Chris. Raven and Derek enjoy lunch.
3 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 3 October 1983
Raven arrives at the police station to talk with Calvin and Chris. Jody is bothered by Chris being at the penthouse. Passion arrives in Monticello as Cliff with Mitzi plus Miles paired with Chris prepare to spend the night together.
4 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 4 October 1983
Jody and Miles fondly recall Nicole, Miles tells her he's happy with Chris. Preacher refuses to divulge who beat him up. Geraldine and Mike discuss his mayoral campaign. Jody acts strangely at the disco while under mind control.
6 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 6 October 1983
Cliff reappears with Marty and Calvin remarking on his disappearance. Didi remains in the psychiatric hospital with Dr. Cornell searching for a reason for her malady. Raven and Sky worry about the investigation which is overheard by Crane.
7 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 7 October 1983
Producer Gilbert comes to see Shelley act but offers Claire the part instead. Claire takes Gunther home to say a "special" goodbye. Alicia drops by to sign up for Raven's dating service. Preacher comes home to find Michael, who assaulted him, dead on his sofa.
13 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 13 October 1983
Cliff and Mitzi arrive early for Mike's election fundraiser so they can do some snooping. The event begins and Mike delivers a campaign speech. Raven cats a suspicious eye on Alicia.
14 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 14 October 1983
The Karr fund raising gala is in full swing. Sky and Raven stage an argument for Alicia's benefit. Shelley gets drunk and has a physical fight with Jody. Cliff sneaks off sleuth. Gavin confronts Preacher about their plan.
20 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 20 October 1983
Marty and Mitzi go to the morgue to identify Cliff's body but it's not him. Jody starts to fall out of Robbie's hypnotic control and they fight. Beth and Miles look for the source of the problem then an intruder attacks Miles in his home.
21 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 21 October 1983
Miles reports to the police the intruder who fell to his death. Louis informs Robbie he intends Jody to kill Preacher. Gavin, under hypnotic control, informs Preacher and Gunther he's giving up directing the theater group.
27 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 27 October 1983
Nancy talks with Geraldine about her book coming out. Alicia agrees to find out information for Schuyler but wants something in return. Calvin welcomes Didi home. Sky gives Geraldine his will before embarking on a dangerous investigation.
31 Oct. 1983
Episode dated 31 October 1983
Jody pulls a gun at the disco, then is disarmed. Preacher and Robbie almost fight. Raven catches Sky embracing Alicia, gets angry. Sky explains it was the quickest way to get info. Shelley comes on to Preacher who turns her down. Robbie throws Alicia into a sinister looking room.
1 Nov. 1983
Episode dated 1 November 1983
Sky accuses Byers of attempted murder and being involved in Alicia's disappearance. Calvin and Beth check on Dídi after she returns to work. After conferring with Preacher the Whitneys figure out the case. Byers and his henchman try to detain them but Raven and Sky escape.
2 Nov. 1983
Episode dated 2 November 1983
Sky has figured out the mind control works and asks Geraldine for help in disconnecting the cable boxes. Gunther faces a crisis at the theater company. Miles reports to Derek that Jody is resting under sedation and offers his help. Derek turns him down.
4 Nov. 1983
Episode dated 4 November 1983
Robbie explains Van Dine's plot to Jody than drugs her. Miles and_Preacher together figure out the mind control situation. Raven and Sky are trapped with the Karrs by armed gunmen. Preacher confronts Robbie in a burning disco. Mitzi is captured snooping.