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Season 2

27 Oct. 1957
A Texas Million
Rangers Pearson and Morgan on the trail of an robber who busted out of prison, and they have Morgan's bumbling cousin along to help.
3 Nov. 1957
Hardrock's Dilemma
When an elderly man is killed in a rock slide, the sheriff arrests his old friend and sole heir for the murder. The dead man's nephews don't believe that the man arrested for the crime committed the crime and ask the Texas Rangers to investigate. They learn that the dead man wasn't the wealthy rancher after all - but where did he disappear to?
10 Nov. 1957
Trail Herd
A murderous cattle owner charges other cattle agents extraordinary rates to join his herd in crossing the country.
17 Nov. 1957
The Kid from Amarillo
Ranger Morgan goes undercover as a boxer to help Ranger Pearson find out who is smuggling silver into Mexico.
24 Nov. 1957
Gypsy Boy
A gypsy is accused of murdering a rancher when his knife was used to stab him to death. Rangers Pearson and Morgan discover tracks that make them suspect that the gypsy was framed for murder. Before they can develop the evidence needed to arrest the guilty parties, the gypsy's son helps his father break out of jail.
15 Dec. 1957
Double Reward
When a small-town bank is robbed twice in one week, the Texas Rangers asked to investigate. All the evidence points to the hot-headed electrician who installed the alarm system - a little too strongly in Ranger Pearson's mind. He and his partner reexamine the clues to see if there might be other suspects.

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