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Season 1

9 Apr. 1954
The Long Beach Story (a.k.a. The Smuggling Story)
Returning from an overseas assignment Lanyard is suspected of being involved in a gem smuggling operation. He is pursued by private investigators and law enforcement as he attempts to clear his name by discovering who is really behind the operation.
The Avalanche Story (a.k.a. The Reno Story)
The Lone Wolf is searching a passenger train for a man with a bomb.
23 Apr. 1954
The Chinese Story
Inhabitants of San Francisco's Chinatown are in an uproar after a series of killings believed undertaken by a local American. Lanyard must first confirm their suspicion is correct then somehow get the killer passed Chinese vigilantes and into the hands of the police.
30 Apr. 1954
The Carnival Story
While visiting friends working for a circus, Lanyard becomes aware of an insurance investigator who has been assigned to the circus trying to discover where a large sum of money from a robbery might be. Lanyard wants no part of the investigation, but circumstances give him little choice.
14 May 1954
The Blue Lantern Story
Lanyard is recruited by the Govt. to find out where all the top criminals have been disappearing to. He is to contact an agent named Anson is New York. Upon contact Anson is killed and the only lead he leaves Lanyard is key to the Blue Lantern dance hall. The attempt to infiltrate fails and his next gamble takes him to the Blue Lantern in New Orleans where he is more successful and the final key to the puzzle leads him to the Copper Mountain Lodge in Nevada.
14 May 1954
The Ski Story
While visiting a ski resort the Lone Wolf gets caught up first in an unexplained death and then the turmoil of an international ski competition.
21 May 1954
Plantation Story
Vance Connor on the verge of bankruptcy asks Lanyard to travel to the Philippines to investigate some under handed business activity he's discovered. The trip becomes more complex when Vance insists his daughter travel with Lanyard.
28 May 1954
Lanyard is in San Francisco on the hunt for Anton Morgay when he is contacted by a woman claiming to be on the same quest. Lanyard joins forces with the woman but is doubtful of her motives of wanting to locate Anton.
4 Jun. 1954
The Malibu Story (a.k.a. Malibu-Laguna)
Lanyard travels to Malibu at the request of Brian Race. Newly married he has a concern about his wife and the valuable jewelry collection he inherited from his father.
11 Jun. 1954
The Murder Story
Lanyard is contacted by an old friend Bill Roche who has a new patient. What is unusual the patient claims to have killed a man. Bill asks Lanyard to investigate and see if the murder is real or the creation of a sick man.
18 Jun. 1954
The Honolulu Story
Johnny Martin contacts Lanyard and asks him to investigate a series of murders that seem linked to a recently stolen ruby that was smuggled to Honolulu.
2 Jul. 1954
Skid Row
Lanyard goes to skid row after receiving a phone call from an old friend Father Picard. The priest believes a man on death row is actually innocent, and even though time is short, Picard hopes Lanyard can prove the man's innocence.
9 Jul. 1954
The Arena
A close friend of Michael's dies and Michael goes to see the grieving family. He instead finds the man's children arguing among themselves and accusing each other of murdering their father.
16 Jul. 1954
The Las Vegas Story
Lanyard travels to Las Vegas in search of Nick Kohler. As soon as he arrives he discovers multiple police departments are interested in both Lanyard and Kohler's movements.
The Italian Story
Lanyard travels to Chicago when he receives an urgent note from Joey Crocetti. A war time buddy who saved Lanyard in Italy during the war. Lanyard discovers Joey is on the run from the police, and he sets out to try to prove his friend innocent.
The Hunt
Lanyard leaves Mexico but once he arrives back the US he is immediately arrested by the police and put into hospital quarantine. To Lanyards shock he discovers he's been in contact with people who are dying of cholera.
The Oil Story
Lanyard travels to Oklahoma City after receiving a desperate message from a woman seeking his help. It turns out she is in fear of her estranged husband and she fears he has kidnapped their son.
The Boy Story
Lanyard takes a vacation. While enjoying his boat a young boy tries to sell him a gun. Before he knows it he is in a life and death struggle against forces he didn't even realize were active.
14 May 1954
The Emerald Ring
Lanyard is contacted by the millionaire Floyd Collins. The man is in a desperate search for fellow millionaire Helen Calder. Both are expected in court for a trustee meeting due in a few days.
The Department Store Story
Mike while on his way to Denver. He he is contacted by the Henshaw brothers. Their father recently died and the will reveals a large amount of money missing. They suspect the money is hidden some where in the house willed to the fathers house keeper.
The Mexico Story
Lanyard is contacted by an archaeologist and given an extremely rare Aztec coin. As Lanyard investigates with the Mexican government, he finds the coin is real, and a large number of them remain hidden in the jungle.
The Art Story
Lanyard hears an old friend Pete Caseman is in trouble for murder and robbery. Lanyard knows the man well from their days together in the war. Lanyard is convinced Caseman is innocent and sets out to prove his case.
22 Sep. 1954
The Carlsbad Big Lie Story
Lanyard meets Cooch Jeffords, an old friend who claims to have seen a flying saucer. Lanyard worries the story is made up but decides to investigate to see where the truth lays.
15 Sep. 1954
The Last Ballet Story
Michael Lanyard comes to the aid of a ballerina who is frightened of threatening letters. Instead of helping her he must solve her apparent suicide.
The Beverly Hills Story
Lanyard flies into Beverly Hills from Reno and checks into the Beverly Hills Hotel. The clerk informs him he's already checked his wife. Mrs. Michael Lanyard is waiting in his room with a story that they married in Reno and a license to prove it. Lanyard plays along for awhile as he tries to figure out who is playing the joke on him. The game stops being amusing when one of his friends is furious with him and Lanyard has no idea why.
The Jet Story
Lanyard is invited by an old friend Les Benson, for reasons he does not understand, to witness a test flight of a new jet design. The aircraft crashes leading Lanyard to become personally involved in the life of his friend.
The San Francisco Story
Lanyard is asked to check if the husband and daughter of Mary Morgan are indeed dead. She has a strong suspicion her husband has staged the event as a way to disappear with their daughter after Mary asked for a divorce.
The Savage
Micahel Lanyard arrives on a small Pacific Island after receiving a cable for help from an old friend named Suva Polege. He is an islander who is a Yale graduate and a credit to his country. After some inquiries to his whereabouts Lanyard is detained and questioned by the police. They claim that Suva has reverted to the savage ways of his ancestors and is stirring up the natives with barbaric rituals. Lanyard can't believe this of his friend and will have to find him to get to the truth.
Deep Sea Diving
Lanyard helps a couple of friends who have been deep sea divers. One of them is accused of stealing silver plate from a salvage job they are involved in. Lanyard is convinced they are innocent and decides to try to proves his case.
The Werewolf Story
Lanyard is asked to investigate a series of death in a Balkan village. Mrs Grafton Bern has recently purchased a nearby castle and her financial advisor fears she may be in danger from werewolf attacks.
The Stamp Story
Lanyard is asked to investigate the theft of a very valuable stamp. He is not interested in the case until two thugs attack him and try to warn him off.
16 Oct. 1954
The Minister Story
Rev Hallam believes someone is trying to kill him and asks Lanyard to see what he can find out. Hallam suspects a certain person might be behind the attempts and hope Lanyard can resolve the issue.
The Robbery Story (a.k.a. Memo: Robbery)
Lanyard is at a jewelry store when it is robbed and the owner killed. Lanyard decides to make it his personal crusade to bring the criminals to justice.
1 Oct. 1954
The Wife Story
Lanyard is driving past a country house when he hears shots fired. Investigating he discovers a man who has just shot his wife. Lanyard must figure out how to convince the man to give himself up, and to stop himself being shot.
The Runaway Story (a.k.a. Death of a Lawyer)
The Lone Wolf is summoned by an old friend who is a criminal lawyer and thinks someone is trying to kill him.
The Newhall Story (a.k.a. Phoenix-Newhall)
Michael gets a call from a friend who asks him for assistance. After arriving to help his pal the man is murdered and Michael finds himself the chief suspect in the homicide.

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