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Season 2

4 Sep. 1956
Dirty Face
A young boy escapes from reform school and tries to rob a woman.
18 Sep. 1956
The Way to Heaven
An aging New York parish priest is relieved of his heavy duties and sent to El Diablo, a small wine center in California.
2 Oct. 1956
Assignment Champ
A woman reporter faces a career vs marriage problem. To complicate matters further, her husband, who wants her to quit her job, is also her editor.
23 Oct. 1956
Two Sides to Everything
A female reporter is engaged to a newspaperman from a rival publication but they are forbidden by their respective bosses to associate with each other.
30 Oct. 1956
Between Jobs
A man with psychotic tendencies conspires with an unscrupulous sea captain to steal a fortune in precious jewels.
13 Nov. 1956
Father Forgets
In his attempts to perfect a new invention, a man nearly forgets his responsibility for his wife and young son.
20 Nov. 1956
The Marked Bullet
The wife was having an affair and they have to go through a bullet trick routine in which the husband forces the lover through some means to fire a bullet at the end of the act, which the wife is supposed to catch in her teeth.
11 Dec. 1956
While There's Life
A middle-aged woman becomes involved in a romance but her possessive married sister opposes marriage for the two.
25 Dec. 1956
A Place on the Bay
Houseboat living has Laura Robertson at bay and she wants her husband to scuttle the idea.
1 Jan. 1957
The Little Black Lie
A policeman takes an interest in a pretty nightclub pianist when she is threatened by an ex-con.
29 Jan. 1957
Killer's Pride
A sensitive young college student joins a posse of hardened men who are tracking down a killer.
5 Feb. 1957
A nurse attempts to convince a distraught mother-to-be that having a child is the most glorious experience in a woman's life.
26 Feb. 1957
A Dangerous Thing
A librarian becomes uneasy when an unsavoury character begins frequenting the library. She is certain he is not the scholarly type.
5 Mar. 1957
Married to a Stranger
Susanna Holt's husband has cholera.
12 Mar. 1957
The Pendulum
The testimony of a woman figures prominently in sending her former fiancé to prison.
23 Apr. 1957
Harbor Patrol
A Los Angeles PD detective and a US Customs Inspector are on the trail of a drug smuggler they know is planning to smuggle a large amount of pure heroin through the L.A. waterfront. They have already caught one of the smuggler's couriers, but he's too scared to rat out his boss, a man named Thatcher. The cops get a lead that a boat will be coming into L.A. harbor with Thatcher aboard, but they don't know what he looks like. When the plan to catch Thatcher goes awry, the chase is on.
30 Apr. 1957
The Man in the Car
Just after moving into a partly furnished home, a husband leaves his wife alone to make an out-of-town business trip. An unexpected visitor and the half-empty house create strange fears in the wife's mind.
7 May 1957
Night of Terror
A woman driving alone through a lonely stretch of desert stops at a small café. There, she learns of a maniac at large in the area who preys on people who travel alone.

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