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Season 1

21 Mar. 1955
The Atomic Brain
A mathematical genius who whose Achilles Heal is women. He works at the Atomic Proving Grounds in Nevada, and frequents Las Vegas where he tries to beat roulette only to let beautiful women distract him.
13 Jun. 1955
How Much for Van Such
A gang of dimwitted kidnappers hold multi-millionaire Rodney Van Such for ransom. His office pays the crooks with a check which requires Van Such's signature, but he's such a cheapskate, he refuses to pay for his own release. Stuck with a hostage who'd rather be shot than spend money, the thugs start reducing their ransom demands.
18 Jul. 1955
What Do You Want in a Show
Three dimwitted crooks break into a bank but end up, by mistake, in the U.S. Mint.

 Season 1 

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