20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) Poster

Peter Lorre: Conseil



  • Captain Nemo : Mr. Land, you saved my life. Why?

    Ned Land : That's a good question. Well, there's only one thing a fella can do when he's made a mistake as big as this.

    Conseil : What?

    Ned Land : Get drunk!

  • [Boarding the Nautilus for the first time] 

    Professor Pierre Aronnax, narrator : There is great genius behind all this.

    Conseil : Yes, and great evil. Don't forget this, this is an engine of destruction.

  • [Donning diving gear] 

    Ned Land : Fine way to go huntin'. I knew there'd be a catch to this.

    Conseil : Seems you can't do anything on this boat without getting wet.

    Ned Land : Hey, I feel like I'm keepin' a fish outta work.

  • [Upon arriving on a deserted beach with Ned Land] 

    Conseil : I don't see any native girls hungry for affection.

  • Conseil : I want to escape, too! You said you had a plan.

    Ned Land : I do have a plan. Trouble is, it won't work.

  • Conseil : All those men. They didn't even have a chance.

    Ned Land : They were sailors, same as me. Slaughtered by that monster you're trying to make friends with.

    Conseil : Ned, don't...

    Ned Land : I don't know about you, Professor, but I feel like a knife that's just stabbed a friend in the back.

  • Conseil : Cannibals! Hundreds of cannibals! Captain, Captain, scores of boats!

    Ned Land : Captain, we're under attack!

    Captain Nemo : Naturally, since you invaded their privacy, they have every right to invade ours.

  • Conseil : Don't forget the cannibals.

    Ned Land : Oh, belay the cannibals. He said that to scare us.

  • Conseil : Notes in bottles? That went out with Robinson Crusoe! Need I remind you this is the 19th Century?

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