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Season 1

10 Apr. 1954
Beyond the Curtain of Space: Chapter I
Professor Newton, a brilliant scientist, has broken all ties with the Federation and taken up residence on the alien world of Ophesia. Vena Ray convinces Commissioner Drake that the professor is not a traitor, but is being held against his will. Drake orders Rocky, Winkie and Vena to fly to Ophesia, fake a forced landing and find out whether the Professor is really friend or foe.
28 Aug. 1954
Bobby's Comet: Chapter I
Bobby discovers a meteor heading straight for earth, but the meteor is not what it seems. Rocky goes in space to investigate where it came from.
1 May 1954
Escape Into Space
Tuck Harmon, with several suitcases full of stolen money, steals a rocket ship and plans to live out his days on his own private moon. After several failed comedic attempts by his sidekick Winky to get a date for the night, Secretary Drake, Head of the Space Rangers, finally gets through and Rocky gets the call to chase Tuck down. When Tuck Harmon sends out a mayday call after his ship is struck by Meteors, it is Rocky to the rescue. After it is revealed that Tuck is superstitious, they touch down on a local moon, Tuck's ultimate destination. There Bobby, Rocky's ...
19 Jun. 1954
Forbidden Moon: Chapter I
Rocky is off again, this time to investigate a vague "need aid" message from a space station. It is discovered that radiation poisoning is to blame and the source is Agar of the planet Medina. Agar went to the Forbidden Moon and is the only one to ever survive. He did it with the help of a plant that gives immunity to the moon's "cosmic" radiation. Now Agar, a walking radiation pump, plans to rule the universe with this. Agar will give the immunity to his sister Yarra (he "shares" the rule of Medina with her) and his people and threaten all others with the radiation ...
24 Jul. 1954
Crash of Moons: Chapter III
Two moons are about to collide and Rocky has to race to save the peoples of both moons.

 Season 1 

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