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5 Sep. 1955
All the Lonely Night
Pretty, young Helen has a collapsing colon. Unless she consents to surgery to open up a new elimination canal and container bag, she will die. But what will that mean to a young woman's self-image and life style. Daring topic for its time.
12 Sep. 1955
Walk with Lions
Unaware that he has developed diabetes, a struggling young prizefighter who is also a gifted artist endangers his life by continuing to push himself in order to earn the money needed to further his education.
26 Sep. 1955
And There Was Darkness and There Was Light: Part 1
Immediately after giving birth to her fourth child, Frances Dunbar develops a severe case of postpartum depression and becomes convinced that she can (and will) violently murder the baby.
3 Oct. 1955
And There Was Darkness and There Was Light: Part 2
After unsuccessfully attempting to kill her baby, Frances Dunbar voluntarily admits herself to a state psychiatric institution where she receives treatment that slowly helps her to realize the reasons for her troubled mental state.
31 Oct. 1955
When Mama Says Jump
Dr. Styner offers advice and support when a 17-year-old track star develops severe acne and chronic fatigue due to stresses caused by his demanding mother's determination to see him achieve his father's dream of Olympic stardom.
28 Nov. 1955
Glass of Fear
Comic strip artist Dick Hooper does a nationally syndicated feature called "Salty", but he can't make his due dates for finished cartoons because he's become obsessed with germs and various muscle and stomach pains that doctors can't locate. He's become a raging hypochondriac that's about to lose his wife and career.
5 Dec. 1955
Pray Judgment
A county coroner's investigation will exonerate or incriminate a distraught spinsterish woman who was alone with her younger sister's baby boy when the infant died suddenly and unexpectedly.
26 Dec. 1955
The World So High
During World War Two, pilots are able to take aircraft higher and higher, but they keep fainting out when parachuting out. A young doctor proceeds to do experiments back in the states on the most likely of these pilots to falter. Controlled high altitude simulations prove dangerous, but necessary.
16 Jan. 1956
The Laughter and the Weeping
Due to circumstances at home, a young man needs to help take care of his mom and ailing father. He can't finish college and resorts to Professional Wrestling to make money. Can he restore his appearance and his dignity?
6 Feb. 1956
If Tomorrow Be Sad
Moel told she has multiple sclerosis.
13 Feb. 1956
The Homecoming
Leprosy victim Allan Connolly is finally pronounced healthy and fit to resume a productive life in normal society, but he and his wife are unprepared for the rejection and irrational fear evinced by their friends and neighbors.
27 Feb. 1956
Who Search for Truth
This is the story of Alexis St. Martin, a young fur trapper who was shot in the side and was used by Dr. William Beaumont for research into the function of the human digestive system.
26 Mar. 1956
Awake to Spring
An old man is the only family left for his crippled grandson. He's worried about his ability to carry on, and after a painful heart incident, he's convinced he'll soon be dead and his helpless charge will be doomed, so he decides they should go together and leaves the gas pipe open as they sleep.
9 Apr. 1956
Don't Count the Stars
An arrogant and self-aggrandizing singer's relentless drive for success is unceremoniously halted when he learns that his hoarseness is not due to vocal overwork, but to a potentially malignant cancer of the larynx.
14 May 1956
To the Great, a Most Seldom Gift
Navy surgeon saves life of sailor injured in sea explosion.
21 May 1956
The Good Samaritan
Dr. Styner stops to help a married couple involved in an automobile accident, but finds himself on trial for medical malpractice when the wife subsequently and surprisingly becomes addled and partially paralyzed on her left side.
11 Jun. 1956
Reach of the Giant: Part 1
A man develops a crippling arthritic spinal condition.
18 Jun. 1956
Reach of the Giant: Part 2
After sending his wife away, Jim falls again and his condition worsens to the point where he decides to undergo experimental surgery on his spine.
9 Jul. 1956
Till the Song Is Done, till the Dance Is Gone
This is the story of a young girl named Mary. She has a weak heart due to a defective heart valve. Doctors race to operate on her after she collapses at a dance she attended with her classmates.
6 Aug. 1956
She Walks in Beauty
It's summer vacation and Jenny is a 12 year old girl with a club foot. Her parents are worried about her "ugly deformity" as they refer to it, and whether anybody will marry her when she's older. They take her to see a specialist to see if he can surgically repair her club foot.
27 Aug. 1956
This Strange Ending
Promising 19-year-old ballerina Laurie Allen's 1947 death from cancer becomes a personal obsession for newspaper reporter Joe Bailey, who conducts a series of interviews that he hopes will reveal the true story behind her untimely demise.

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