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Mister Beal Meets His Match
Betty reads a story she wrote for school involving her family. In the story a devil named Harry Beal is trying to get the children's souls, Jim fights him and agrees his soul in exchange for his kids. But will the family let him sacrifice his soul?
1 Jan. 1958
Man with a Plan
Bud is thinking of joining the army after he is out of school in two years. Margaret starts treating him with exceptional kindness because she will lose her son.
8 Jan. 1958
Big Sister
Betty becomes a counselor for a 3-day summer camp - the same camp Kathy is attending. When Betty finds out Kathy has been reading her diary, Betty decides to make Kathy work hard at camp.
15 Jan. 1958
Calypso Bud
Bud gets a set of bongo drums. He envisions himself as a musician that all the girls will love. However, his practice drives the family crazy.
22 Jan. 1958
Father's Biography
Kathy's class was assigned to write a biography of their fathers, and Jim is one of the father's invited to be honored. Kathy is excited to have her father attend the meeting. Jim is asked to attend a business meeting the same day and time.
29 Jan. 1958
The Rivals
A friend of Betty's seems to juggle boyfriends all the time, and Betty feels bored with her constant boyfriend. Betty gets asked out by another classmate and decides to try the exciting life with two boyfriends.
5 Feb. 1958
Bud, the Mind Reader
Bud tries his hand at mind-reading.
12 Feb. 1958
Margaret's Other Family
Jim worries that Margaret is spending a lot of time with a furniture maker and his wife, helping them solve their problems. Margaret does not seem to have enough time anymore to be with her own family.
19 Feb. 1958
The Trial
The Anderson's neighbor accuses Bud of causing property damage because his jacket was left in the yard. Bud denies doing the damage but evidence points to him. Betty says it is circumstantial evidence and says they should hold a trial.
26 Feb. 1958
Revenge Is Sweet
Betty is excited about a date with a popular guy at college and wants to make sure the family looks their best. That includes making Bud clean up and moving his old jalopy. Turns out Bud already met the family and did them a favor.
5 Mar. 1958
Country Cousin
Bud & Betty's cousin Millie visits the Anderson's. Betty is upset to share her room and have a country bumpkin in town. Jim tells Betty she has to help Millie make friends. Millie shows up and is beautiful and gives Betty a new outlook.
12 Mar. 1958
Poor Old Dad
Jim Anderson surprises his son Bud with a new hunting rifle and promises to take him hunting for the weekend. Bud wonders aloud if they really will go on this trip together - just the two of them - because in the past, their father-son dates were often interrupted by Margaret and the girls. No sooner does Jim give Bud his word when Margaret asks Jim to drive her to visit an ailing relative who lives out of town. Bud takes a step back and makes an observation: women seem to have their men henpecked. Even Betty's boyfriend Ralph lets her have her way. However, Bud ...
19 Mar. 1958
Betty's Crusade
The Insurance Company where Jim works is buying a new building for expansion. The building is a local hangout for Betty's college, and the students love it. The students campaign to stop the sale of the building and repair the old building.
26 Mar. 1958
Young Love
A classmate has a crush on Bud, but he thinks of her has just a friend. Bud develops a crush on a woman who is older, but she does not think of Bud that way. Bud now feels the pangs of unrequited love.
2 Apr. 1958
Tell it to Mom
Betty confides in Margaret that she is hiding skates for a friend. Bud confides in Margaret that he broke a hidden pair of binoculars. Kathy confides in Margaret that she ruined the skates Betty hid. Margaret has a hard time keeping secrets
16 Apr. 1958
A Friend in Need
Someone leaves a dog at the Anderson's front door late at night, rings the doorbell, and then leaves the dog. The Anderson's take care of it until they can find the dog's owner.
23 Apr. 1958
A Medal for Margaret
Bud wins awards from track, and the family talks about all the metals, ribbons, and plaques stored in drawers. They decide to build a trophy case. Everyone has something to give - except Margaret. She sets out to win something.
30 Apr. 1958
The Weaker Sex
With all of Betty's male friends out of town, she does not have a date for the town fair. Since a new neighbor's daughter talks Bud into taking her, Jim and Margaret tell Betty to talk the neighbor's son into taking her.
14 May 1958
Jim, the Answer Man
Jim has a lot of work to complete before he has to leave town for a business trip. As he tries to work, it seems everyone in the family needs just a few minutes of his time.
21 May 1958
Bud Quits School
Bud interviews a business man for a school project. He finds out the owner never finished high school and yet is a successful man. Bud decides he can do what the man did, and wants to quit school. Betty is running for class president.
4 Jun. 1958
A Matter of Pride
Bud is voted the most popular boy in school and thinks he has to keep up appearances in dress and actions. He wants new shoes and clothes for an upcoming dance. He gets embarrassed when the shoes hurt his feet at the award ceremony.
11 Jun. 1958
Betty Finds a Cause
After attending a lecture at school, Betty is enthused about making a difference in the world. Betty's decides to help the neighborhood by getting one neighbor to cut a hedge that is a blind spot and causes accidents.
15 Sep. 1958
Vine Covered Cottage
Betty's boyfriend Ralph asks Jim for permission to propose to Betty. Jim says a cautious comment that Ralph is a great guy. Betty & Ralph talk about marriage and think it is a great idea - until they start seeing the reality of marriage.
22 Sep. 1958
Be Kind to Bud Week
Betty has to write a report of a literary figure who benefited from the help of a sibling. This gets Betty to wondering if she should be kinder and friendlier to Bud. Bud figures something is up.
29 Sep. 1958
Kathy's Romance
Kathy makes a big announcement - she has a boyfriend named Burgess. Of course, he does not know he is the boyfriend yet. Kathy invites Burgess over, but he seems more interested in Jim than Kathy.
6 Oct. 1958
Voice from the Past
Bud is nominated for the decorating committee for homecoming week. He wants a new approach from other years. Jim warns him not to be disrespectful. Bud finds Jim's old school yearbook and sees Jim played pranks when he was in school.
13 Oct. 1958
Frank's Family Tree
The Anderson's gardener, Fronk, says he has no family to visit, so he spends his vacation working on the Anderson's yard. Kathy feels sorry he has no one in his life. Fronk does not want her to feel bad, so he makes up a family.
20 Oct. 1958
Always Plan Ahead
Weary of their children's last minute crises from poor planning, Jim and Margaret cook up a scheme to return the favor.
27 Oct. 1958
Second Wedding
Having learned they were originally married at home, Betty prods her parents into having a second wedding but this time in a church.
3 Nov. 1958
Bud, the Caretaker
Bud is given charge of watching a neighbor's car while he is out of town. Bud is only to start the car every few days and not drive it around town. Alas, he drives it and the car gets scratched.
10 Nov. 1958
Betty, the Pioneer Woman
As part of Springfield's Founder's Day celebration, Betty volunteers to accompany and assist chauvinistic Tom Wentworth on a difficult 12-mile trek pulling a heavy cart.
24 Nov. 1958
Fair Exchange
Chanthini, an exchange student from India, spends a weekend at the Anderson home with her classmate Betty. The children struggle to make her welcome, but succeed only in making her feel like an outsider.
24 Nov. 1958
Bud, the Snob
The show is told in flashbacks to when Bud was really shy around girls. Bud's classmates thought he was a snob. Jim talked Bud into having a masquerade party to show he is not a snob.
1 Dec. 1958
Margaret Wins a Car
Margaret buys a raffle ticket to help for the local orphanage, and wins a car. When publicity shots are taken, the orphanage director reprimands Margaret for having so much and not giving more to the orphanage.
8 Dec. 1958
The Great Experiment
Jim attends a meeting where the speaker's topic is to get more out of life and find out what is going on in their world. Jim becomes enthused and tries to pass this philosophy on to his family - who still have routine items to do.
15 Dec. 1958
The Christmas Story
The Anderson's are preparing for the holidays. As they decorate the tree, they recall the story of how they managed to get that particular tree.
22 Dec. 1958
The Basketball Coach
Bud and his friends are excited because they have a sponsor for their recreational basketball team, and they have a coach lined up. But the coach gets sick and Jim has to step in and be temporary coach.
29 Dec. 1958
Kathy, Girl Executive
Bud wants to form his own company for a lawn mower service. Jim and Margaret agree, but put Kathy in charge of the operation.

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