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The B-Side – Humphrey Bogart

Welcome to The B-Side, a podcast from The Film Stage. Here we explore movies featuring established stars that flopped at the box office, have been forgotten by time, or remain hidden gems. These aren’t the films that made them famous or kept them famous. These are the other ones. So strap in and listen close as we dive into the big swings and big misses from some of the most well-known names in the business.

In the latest episode, Dan Mecca is joined by podcast producer Conor O’Donnell and Nate Washburn, a New York City-based actor and writer who is also the host of “The Classic Hollywood Movie You Should Know,” an online series that explores a variety of, well, classic Hollywood movies you should know. We discuss the B-Sides of Humphrey Bogart, the hard-edged star of Casablanca and The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

The films discussed here include Dead Reckoning,
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Jennifer Jones Centennial: Cluny Brown (1946)

For the Centennial of one of Oscar's largely forgotten superstars, we asked Team Experience to pick one of her films to watch.

by Paolo Kagoaoan

We’ve done centennials here before but this one comes with some degrees of difficulty. It doesn’t help that someone changed her name from Phylis Lee Isley into the whitest name in the world, and that the person who gets more Google results for that name is a curler. As a Canadian I can’t say anything bad about curling, but shouldn't a Best Actress Academy Award winner be on at least equal standing to a Gold medallist? Look up all the women who have had five Oscar nominations and a win and imagine the world forgetting them. Explaining Jones to friends is equally difficult, even to people in the film industry who know her second husband's name, David O. Selznick.

I’d only
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Beat the Devil

The star lineup sparkles in this witty, lighthearted tale of a gang of international schemers and cutthroats trying to — well, what they’re trying to do is all but irrelevant. John Huston throws his picture together like a party, for a droll ‘thriller’ that yields off-kilter comic riches. It’s Bogart, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre and Gina Lollobrigida, plus Jennifer Jones as we’ve not seen her before or since. Truman Capote’s sly, unbeatably hip dialogue — reportedly written on the fly — celebrates the underhanded ambitions of greedy fools everywhere.

Beat the Devil


Twilight Time

1953 / B&W / 1:37 Academy / 94 min. / Street Date January 22, 2019 / Available from the Twilight Time Movies Store / 29.95

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre, Edward Underdown, Ivor Barnard, Marco Tulli, Bernard Lee, Mario Perrone, Giulio Donnini, Saro Urzì, Manuel Serrano.

Cinematography: Oswald Morris

Film Editor: Ralph Kemplen

Continuity: Angela Allen

Dialogue Coach:
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Supernatural Review: “Beat the Devil” …or Join Him?

The war draws ever closer in the world of Supernatural, and this week “Team Free Will” took the battle to alterna-Michael’s turf. Sam, Dean, Gabriel, Rowena and Castiel captured Lucifer and used his grace to make their way to this universe and save Jack and Mary. Of course, as to be expected on Supernatural, there were a few hiccups along the way, but “Beat the Devil” delivered thrills, chills, and an overall exciting hour leading up to the season’s endgame. It was only a matter of time before the boys went to bring Lucifer back into the fold, and they way they got him

Supernatural Review: “Beat the Devil” …or Join Him?
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A spoof? A black comedy? Michael Hodges and Michael Caine’s hardboiled ‘foreign intrigue’ comedy lays on the movie references and clever dialogue, going the distance in the arcane, hipster-noir subgenre. Caine is always good in that mode, and Mickey Rooney gets a supporting role that can only be called bizarre.



Arrow Video USA

1972 / Color / 1:85 widescreen / 96 min. / Street Date , 2017 / Available from Arrow Video

Starring: Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney, Lionel Stander, Lizabeth Scott, Nadia Cassini, Leopoldo Trieste, Al Lettieri, Robert Sacchi, Luciano Pigozzi.

Cinematography: Ousama Rawi

Film Editor: Patrick Downing

Original Music: George Martin

Produced by Michael Klinger

Written and Directed by Mike Hodges

Mickey King writes Pulp, lives Pulp, very soon could be Pulp!

After their success with the brutal, now-classic gangster thriller Get Carter, the ‘three Michaels’ Caine, Hodges and Klinger came up with this precociously spoofy takeoff on cheap pulp mysteries, appropriately titled Pulp. Filmed in sunny Malta,
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The Truth About Zardoz, Plus Nine Other Things I Learned At Tcmff 2017

Just back from the 2017 TCM Classic Movie Festival with a few thoughts and thoughts about thoughts. I certainly held my reservations about this year’s edition, and though I ultimately ended up tiring early of flitting about from theater to theater like a mouse in a movie maze (it happens to even the most fanatically devoted of us on occasion, or so I’m told), there were, as always, several things I learned by attending Tcmff 2017 as well.

1) TCM Staffers Are Unfailingly Polite And Helpful

Thankfully I wasn’t witness, as I have been in past years, to any pass holders acting like spoiled children because they had to wait in a long queue or, heaven forbid, because they somehow didn’t get in to one of their preferred screenings. Part of what makes the Tcmff experience as pleasant as it often is can be credited to the tireless work
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TCM Film Festival: Day One

  • Cinelinx
Collin is at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival in Hollywood, CA; come inside and check it out!

It’s hardly 9 Am in Hollywood when a young man from TCM taps the microphone at the legendary Egyptian Theatre; his thick Georgia accent stands out in Los Angeles (TCM's headquarters are in Atlanta). The theatre is packed for the first showing of the morning. Everyone’s elbows are rubbing against one another and our knees are pressed against the seats in front of us - but where else can we see a 35mm print of Ginger Rogers (before she was The Ginger Rogers) in the 1933 screwball comedy Rafter Romance?

The TCM rep (whose name I forgot to write down) introduces legendary film critic Leonard Maltin, and like that The South of the United States and Southern California meet for the love of celluloid (a little later Australia’s own Alicia Malone would also introduce a film,
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A Tcmff 2017 Preamble

“It’s the most wonderful time/Of the year…” – Andy Williams

Well, yes and no. There is, after all, still about a week and a half to go before we can put the long national, annual nightmare of the tax season behind us. But it’s also film festival season, which for me specifically means the onset of the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival, the eighth iteration of what has become a perennial moviegoing event. More and more people flock to Hollywood Boulevard each year from all reaches of the country, and from other countries, to revel in the history of Hollywood and international filmmaking, celebrate their favorite stars (including, this year, beloved TCM host Robert Osborne, who died earlier this year and whose presence has been missed at the festival for the past two sessions) and enjoy a long-weekend-sized bout of nostalgia for the movie culture being referred to when
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NYC Weekend Watch: Scorsese Docs, Leonard Cohen, Social Thrillers & More

Since any New York City cinephile has a nearly suffocating wealth of theatrical options, we figured it’d be best to compile some of the more worthwhile repertory showings into one handy list. Displayed below are a few of the city’s most reliable theaters and links to screenings of their weekend offerings — films you’re not likely to see in a theater again anytime soon, and many of which are, also, on 35mm. If you have a chance to attend any of these, we’re of the mind that it’s time extremely well-spent.

Museum of the Moving Image

The Scorsese retrospective has a music-filled weekend with The Last Waltz, his George Harrison documentary, and more.

Anthology Film Archives

The late, great Leonard Cohen is paid tribute with a small retrospective that includes Fassbinder’s Beware of a Holy Whore and McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Jean Vigo’s masterpiece L’Atalante has showings.
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The Seven Greatest Director/Actor Combos

  • Cinelinx
Some actors and directors go together like spaghetti and meatballs. They just gel together in a rare way that makes their collaborations special. Here is a list of the seven best parings of director and actor in film history.

7: Tim Burton & Johnny Depp:

Edward Scissorhands; Ed Wood; Sleepy Hollow; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Corpse Bride; Sweeney Todd; Alice in Wonderland; Dark Shadows

Of all the parings on this list, these two make the oddest films. (In a good way.) Tim Burton is one of the most visually imaginative filmmakers of his generation and Johnny Depp was once the polymorphous master of playing a wide variety of eccentric characters. They were a natural combo. Depp made most of his best films with Burton, before his current ‘Jack Sparrow’ period began. The duo had the knack for telling stories about misfits and freaks, yet making them seem sympathetic and likable.
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Ten Things I Learned At The 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival

Well, another year spent in the company of classic cinema curated by the TCM Classic Film Festival has come and gone, leaving me with several great experiences watching favorite films and ones I’d never before seen, some already cherished memories, and the usual weary bag of bones for a body in the aftermath. (I usually come down with something when I decompress post-festival and get back to the working week, and this year has been no exception.) There have now been seven TCMFFs since its inaugural run in 2010. I’ve been lucky enough to attend them all, and this time around I saw more movies than I ever have before—18 features zipping from auditorium to queue and back to auditorium like a gerbil in a tube maze. In order to make sure I got in to see everything I wanted to see, I had to make sure I was
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Udine Far East Festival 2016

The biggest European film festival excludsively dealing with Asian cinema will open on Friday the 22nd of April with the South Korean blockbuster “The Tiger” and close with the Hong Kong thriller “The Bodyguard” on Saturday the 30th with the presence of the legendary Sammo Hung. Legendary director Johnnie To and composer Lim Giong will also attend.

The festival will feature 72 films in the official selection (5 world premieres) a retrospective of Japanese science fiction, the restored 4K versions of four Bruce Lee masterpieces and over 100 events organized around the city.

The line up of 2016 includes the followings:

Competition Section

China (10)

Chongqing Hot Pot, Yang Qing, crime-action- hipster noir, China 2016, European Premiere

The Dead End, Cao Baoping, cop-loves-cop thriller, China 2015, European Premiere

Destiny, Zhang Wei, human drama, China 2016, World Premiere

The Left Ear, Alec Su, youth drama, China 2015, European Premiere

Lost in Hong Kong, Xu Zheng, clash of cultures comedy, China 2015, International Festival Premiere

The Master,
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Sammo Hung to present 'The Bodyguard' at Italy’s Far East Film festival

Sammo Hung to present 'The Bodyguard' at Italy’s Far East Film festival
The 18th Feff will feature 50 titles in competition, including Lost In Hong Kong, Mojin: The Lost Legend and Ip Man 3, as well as a new Focus Asia market.Scroll down for full programme

The Udine Far East Film Festival (Feff) has revealed the programme for its 18th edition (April 22-30), featuring a myriad of high-profile Asian titles from the past year.

The event will close with the European premiere of director and actor Sammo Hung’s latest feature, The Bodyguard [pictured], with Hung due to be in attendance.

Hung’s appearance marks the second year in a row that the festival has played host to a Hong Kong film icon, after Jackie Chan attended last year’s edition.

The Bodyguard (also known as My Beloved Bodyguard) has grossed close to $50m since its release in China on April 1. The film stars Sammo Hung as a retired bodyguard who strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young girl.

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Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Asian Film Presence

Thirty four Asian films will be screen during the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival here is the complete list.

Created in 1983 the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifff) focus on horror, thriller, and science fiction films. This year the festival will take place from March 29th until April 10th in the city of Brussels (Belgium). This year thirty four Asian movies will be presented during the festival. This year South Korean movies are predominant as there will be thirteen Korean films. Some of the highlights are Baahubali: The Beginning (S.S. Rajamouli), Veteran (Seung-wan Ryoo), Memories of the Sword (Park Heung-sik), Tag (Sion Sono), The Deal (Son Yong-Ho) and The Priests (Jae-hyun Jang).

Asian Movies

Arahan by Ryoo Seung-Wan – South Korea | 2004

Assassination Classroom by Eiichiro Hasumi – Japan | 2015

Assassination Classroom: The Graduation by Eiichiro Hasumi – Japan | 2016

Attack on the Lederhosen Zombies by Dominik Hartl – Australia | 2016

Baahubali: The Beginning by S.S. Rajamouli – India
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Eric Church Reveals the Song That 'Saved My Life' and Thanks Kris Kristofferson

Eric Church Reveals the Song That 'Saved My Life' and Thanks Kris Kristofferson
A stream of country stars took the stage Wednesday night to sing their thanks to songwriting legend Kris Kristofferson, but no one was more grateful than Eric Church, who said a Kristofferson song "saved my life." Starting out, "I had a rough time in Nashville," Church told the thousands who'd packed Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, "and I played the game where, if I get told 'no' one more time, I'm outta here." That "one more time" came during a meeting with a publishing rep, who listened to Church play "maybe half a song" and bluntly told him, "I don't know where
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This adult film noir masterpiece showcases the most glamorous pin-up dream girl of the 1940s. Rita Hayworth, a young Glenn Ford and a sinister George Macready form a sophisticated, poisonous love triangle. Criminal intrigues and killer striptease fill out the bill. Gilda Blu-ray The Criterion Collection 795 1946 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 110 min. / available through The Criterion Collection / Street Date January 19, 2016 / 39.95 Starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia, Steven Geray, Joe Sawyer, Gerald Mohr, Ludwig Donath, Argentina Brunetti, Eduardo Ciannelli, Ruth Roman. Cinematography Rudolph Maté Film Editor Charles Nelson Music underscore Hugo Friedhofer Written by Marion Parsonnet, Jo Eisinger, E.A. Ellington Produced by Virginia Van Upp Directed by Charles Vidor

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Some of the best 'movie' times I remember were seeing classic pictures cold, with no knowledge beforehand. Back at film school they'd show us things we'd never heard of, often in prints of incredible good quality.
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‘Giallo Double Feature’ Blu-ray Review (Illusions Unltd / Ascot Elite)

  • Nerdly
Die Falle

(La morte ha fatto l’uovo a.k.a Death Laid an Egg, A Curious Way to Love & Plucked)

1968, dir: Giulio Questi

Jean-Louis Trintignant (The Great Silence) stars as Marco, a wealthy man who runs a high-tech chicken farm (living the dream right there!) with his wife Anna, played by Gina Lollabrigadia (Beat the Devil). When not taking care of business, Marco has a nasty little habit. He likes to murder prostitutes. Yep, a guy who breeds chickens with no bones or heads for a living needs some sort of distraction right? Not only that, but he also has a thing for his lovely young and nubile secretary Gabrielle, played by Ewa Aulin (Death Smiles at Murder). She lives with the married couple in their grandiose estate. Unsurprisingly, Anna is rather suspicious of her husband and his hobbies. Uncertainty in relationships becomes a running theme with pretty much
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Oswald Morris obituary

Oscar-winning British cinematographer who worked on a wide range of film classics

The Oscar-winning British cinematographer Oswald Morris, who has died aged 98, will be remembered for many classics, including Moulin Rouge, Fiddler on the Roof, Moby Dick and Lolita. He worked with some of the great directors, John Huston, Sidney Lumet, Carol Reed, Stanley Kubrick and Franco Zeffirelli. Many of Morris's films are landmarks in the history of colour cinematography. For Moulin Rouge (1952) he used filters to create a style reminiscent of paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec. For Fiddler on the Roof (1971), which won him an Oscar, he filmed with a silk stocking over the lens to give a sepia effect.

Morris also shot popular favourites such as The Guns of Navarone (1961), Oliver! (1968), The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965) and The Man Who Would Be King (1975), and photographed acting luminaries: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Gregory Peck and Humphrey Bogart.
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Iffr unveils shorts lineup

  • ScreenDaily
24 films will compete for three Canon Tiger awards for short films; programme will also include tributes to British film-maker Jodie Mack and Swiss film-maker and artist HannesSchüpbach.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (Iffr) has unveiled the 24 films competing for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.

Shorts include Yael Bartana’s Inferno [pictured] and Adan Jodorowsky’s The Voice Thief. The full programme of Tiger and Spectrum Shorts, with 217 short and mid-length films, will be screened from Jan 23-27 at LantarenVenster.

The programme also includes tributes to British film-maker Jodie Mack, with five of her works presented at the festival, and Swiss film-maker and artist Hannes Schüpbach with three of his works screened during Iffr.

Jan 23-26 will see Iffr and Gonzo (circus) magazine present Mind The Gap Nights, four evenings of unique collaborations between musicians, video artists, film-makers and other image makers.

The full list of titles competing for the three Canon Tiger awards for short films are:
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'People thought I could only play the badass'

After impressing on TV and in films such as Alpha Dog and Rush, the actor's improvised turn in her new film Drinking Buddies has truly hit a nerve

If travelling really does have the edge over arriving, Olivia Wilde must be enjoying the time of her life. It is no slight on this poised, intuitive performer to say that she has been on her way for most of her career. Each year has brought with it another handful of movies that might give her the success and recognition she deserves – or might not. But here she comes again anyway. The question being: when is she finally going to get there?

It's not that she has wanted for work or variety. She has acquitted herself well in delicate indies (Conversations with Other Women), intense, macho-method drama (Alpha Dog) and blockbusters festooned with CGI (Cowboys and Aliens, Tron: Legacy). She had a
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