Salome (1953) Poster


Basil Sydney: Pontius Pilate


  • Commander Claudius : Why waste a slave?

    Pontius Pilate : Why not? The world's full of them.

  • Pontius Pilate : Caesar commands, I obey. Hail, Caesar!

  • Pontius Pilate : I wait for no one! Least of all - a woman.

    Commander Claudius : Perhaps there's one woman worth waiting for.

    Pontius Pilate : No woman!

    Commander Claudius : Not even that one?

    [nods in the direction of Salome] 

  • Commander Claudius : Rome cannot go on as it has - ruling with the sword and the whip. If we are to survive, we must recognize that a new force is coming into the world.

    Pontius Pilate : New force?

    Commander Claudius : The religion of this prophet. It will bring hope to the conquered. It will bring peace to all men - by teaching every manhood to live at peace with his neighbors. This faith will march across the world and win men, where Rome could only conquer them.

    Pontius Pilate : Caesar is the only faith possible for a Roman!

  • Pontius Pilate : I know this country better than you. It's ridden with prophets! Right here, in Jerusalem, there's a carpenter that even claims he's the Son of God! Yes, they call him a man of miracles.

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