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Season 2

24 Oct. 1954
I Went to Havana
An American tourist takes a trip to Cuba to hit the gambling casinos in Havana, convinced he has a surefire way to win at the roulette tables. He runs into two con men, who are equally sure they have a surefire way to swindle him out of his money.
7 Nov. 1954
Death Rides a Wildcat
A group of people start out a cross-country tour by sharing expanses, but the trip soon deteriorates into violence and murder.
14 Nov. 1954
This Man for Hire
A woman who had once written some incriminating letters to a man is now thinking about committing murder in order to get them back.
28 Nov. 1954
Desert Reckoning
Two businessmen and the woman they're both in love with are forced to crash-land in the desert during a flight from Mexico to the U.S.
23 Jan. 1955
The House on Judas Street
A woman is persecuted you a seven year old boy.
27 Feb. 1955
The Quiet Wife
Jim is concerned about his timid, "plain Jane" wife Sarah. She's gotten to reclusive she doesn't want to leave their house, afraid to go anywhere or meet anyone. That's why he's shocked to find she's not at home when he returns from a work trip. Sarah is eventually found, all dolled up and dead in someone else's car.
20 Mar. 1955
A Husband Disappears
A husband goes on a hunting trip, but when he gets back his wife doesn't recognize him and has no idea who he is.
3 Apr. 1955
Passage Home
Dodson paid the captain of a freighter $200 for passage back to the US. Instead, he's robbed and dumped on a tropical island by the shady seaman. Dodson's taken in by a local who complains about how the skipper's been stealing his checks from the mail delivery. The two hatch a plan to get their money back.
10 Apr. 1955
Petersen's Eye
Opportunist tax adjuster Rutherford investigates the claim of an atomic lab technician who lost his vision in a nuclear accident. Shockingly, Petersen says that with his damaged eye, he can look 24 hours into the future. Seeing a chance to make a fortune, Rutherford wants to use the man's visions to make a fortune.
1 May 1955
The Longest Legs in the Show
At the near expense of a broken heart a towering showgirl learns the truth of the old saying "good things come in small packages". Frances Farwell at 6 feet 3 inches, Don McGowan at 6 feet 6 inches and Mitzi McCall at 4 feet 11 inches.

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