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Edgar Buchanan: Walter 'Yukon' Burns



  • Alicia Chadwick : [Speaking about Jim]  Men have been known to change.

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : Oh, lady, even I have been given up by women reformers! The biggest mistake a woman can make is to pick the wrong man and try to make him right. Why don't you go off somewhere and have a good cry and forget him?

  • Elder Bixby : Violence is not our creed.

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : Yeah, I know. And I believe in turning the other cheek... but you just run out of cheeks. It's time to start growing some religious muscle.

  • Judge Crenshaw : Mr. Burns, I've heard you were an honest man and good with a gun. But I also heard you confessed to weakness for liquor, cards and women.

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : Not women, your Honor. They ain't for the weak.

  • Jim Fallon : [Referring to Alicia]  What a gal!

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : You chigger-pickin' Don Juan! You just try pitchin' hay with her, and I'll shoot that lump you call a head right from under your cap!

  • Walter 'Yukon' Burns : [Referring to the giant sequioas]  Biggest, boldest things in the whole world!

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : [to Jim]  Make you feel kinda small?

    Jim Fallon : Nope... big! I'm the one that;s gonna knock 'em down!

  • Gray : [to Jim]  None of these religious colonists ever bother to accumulate much cash.

    Alicia Chadwick : There's no need to.

    Walter 'Yukon' Burns : You see, Jim, these are wonderful folks. They'll give yuh everything they got. If they haven't got anything to give you, they'll say a prayer for you.

  • Walter 'Yukon' Burns : You're gettin' in a rut, Jim. You'd better look out, and when a rut becomes deep enough, it becomes a grave... and you gotta couple partners likely to put you in it.

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