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  • A young woman reporter blames the Pittsburgh Pirates' losing streak on the obscenely abusive manager. While she attempts to learn more about him for her column, he begins hearing the voice of an angel promising him help for the team if he will mend his ways. As he does so, an orphan girl who is a Pirates fan and has been praying for the team begins noticing angels on the ballfield. Sure enough, the Pirates start winning, and McGovern tries to turn his life around. But can he keep his temper long enough for the Pirates to win the NL pennant?


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  • A delightful story of love and forgiveness in the same vein of "Miracle on 34th Street" with the same charm as "Field of Dreams." The movie highlights the fact that young children have more understanding of the spiritual side of life than adults, that with age has caused them to become jaded. We have much to gain from listening to children, and the characters in this film grow from their willingness to open their minds and hearts to the insights of a young girl. During the movie, it is hard for most people to believe that the little girl sees "angels in the outfield," but gradually there is just too much evidence presented that angels do in fact exists that it becomes impossible for people to believe otherwise.

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