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7 Mar. 1958
Night of the Stranger
A psychiatrist takes refuge in the home of a stranger when one of her patients tries to run over her with his car. (He didn't take the news that he was going to be committed very well.) After stalking the house and terrorizing the pair for hours, the patient finally leaves. The doctor and homeowner attempt to escape, but the deranged man returns, more desperate than before to break into the house.
14 Mar. 1958
The Honor System
An ex-con tries to force his son's acceptance to an elite college by attempting to blackmail the man who must approve the entrants.
25 Apr. 1958
The Kind Mr. Smith
A poor Frenchman (Vincent Price) is mistaken upon his arrival in England for another man from France expected to arrive at that time. He is brought to the home of Mr. Smith, an apparently wealthy art connoisseur, and his lovely daughter (Valerie French). He soon finds out that both Mr. Smith and the expected Frenchman (Jonathan Harris) are involved in a scheme to sell a fake Corot painting.
16 May 1958
The Town That Slept with the Lights On
A New York City reporter arrives in a small town where two recent murders have the locals terrified. Vigilantes have decided that a man from the wrong side of the tracks is the killer. The police chief, however, believes there's a big secret in the town that points to the guilty party.
20 Jun. 1958
You'll Have to Die Now
A young man follows his father's footsteps and becomes a police officer. He learns that one of his Dad's old buddies who's still of the force is on the make. The rookie offers the lieutenant a chance to "go straight" if he'll help him get evidence against the mob. That's when he learns that it could be deadly to expose the corruption.
27 Jun. 1958
Curfew at Midnight
George Slattery is being ridden hard by his parole officer since getting out of jail for murder. He's fallen for a nice woman in the neighborhood, but a small-time gangster thinks she belongs with him. The constant harassment by the thug and his goons is testing George's ability to keep his fists in check and himself out of prison.
15 Aug. 1958
False Alarm
A honest cab driver who has fallen on hard times joins a gang planning to commit an armored car robbery.
21 Nov. 1958
Last Edition
Newspaper editor Sheldon Black is being shoved aside for the publisher's slimy protégé, Dean Lowell, who passed Black's ideas off as his own. Before exiting, Black orders Lowell to cover the execution of a condemned man that Lowell was friends with in the war. If the reptile Lowell had been willing to soil his "war hero" reputation and testify, he could have saved the man from the electric chair. Instead, he remains quiet and turns in quite a news story
19 Dec. 1958
No Answer
A swindler who's known for separating rich widows from their money is the lead suspect in the murder of this latest "pigeon." His alibi seems pretty air tight: he was with the investigating cop when the murder supposedly took place.

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