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6 Jan. 1956
Fool Proof
When Mary Hunter became a teacher of blind children she never dreamed the lessons she taught might one day save her life not until that fateful evening in the parking lot.
17 Feb. 1956
On a Dark Night
A college professor tries to rescue a girl who turns out to be a gangster's moll.
15 Jun. 1956
Pattern for Pursuit
Mountie Sgt. Douglas Renfrew is sent back to the Northwest Territory to reopen a murder investigation. The gun which killed a man has turned up, and its owner is the key suspect. Renfrew is nursed back to health following a mountain lion attack by the daughter of the murdered man. She claims the man he's seeking is no longer alive.
6 Jul. 1956
The Mechanical Cook
Sgt. Childs wants to be a cook in the Air Force, but he keeps getting assigned duties like Hangar Chief. He gets himself assigned to a general's flight so he can show off his kitchen skills, but the general's dietitian has other ideas.
17 Aug. 1956
Boiling Point
A story about a hardworking service station operator and his wife, who wants to be a movie star.
5 Oct. 1956
The House That Jackson Built
A woman who has devoted herself to her career decides she is never to wed. She proceeds to buy a house and build a life that doesn't involve having a family. But she is pleasantly surprised about what happens next.
16 Nov. 1956
An American secret agent fighting to get control of a South American oil well poses an Englishman to thwart enemy agents.
14 Dec. 1956
A Tale of Wells Fargo
After a series of train robberies and stagecoach hold-ups, the Wells Fargo Company assigns special agent Jim Hardie to capture the outlaws.

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