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15 Apr. 1955
Federal agent Sam Ireland is assigned to a lawless border town. Sam takes a room in a boarding house suspected of being the center of a human smuggling. The agent finds himself distracted by the fairer sex.
29 Jul. 1955
The Direct Approach
A large state-decreed construction project overwhelms a small rural town that is dominated by a gruff but soft-hearted old soldier. His niece is young and craves romance, and finds it in the construction foreman, who's very much at odds with the townsfolk and especially a man that fancies himself as her boyfriend.
16 Sep. 1955
Wild Call
After working in a department store for forty years, a man decides to go on a sea voyage.
4 Nov. 1955
A Gift of Life
A big time salesman is too busy getting ahead to make friends. Then he finds himself in a hospital bed in need of a transfusion. A portrait of a tragic character.
11 Nov. 1955
No Trial by Jury
After a valuable horse drowns in a well, a homesteader faces ruin. The law of the range makes him liable because of negligence in not covering or fencing the well.

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