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1 Jan. 1954
Go Away a Winner
Vi divorces her husband after he be comes involved with crooks and goes to prison for a gas station holdup. She gets on with her life with her son and new husband. Seven years later, out of prison, Marty shows up at the amusement park shooting gallery she operates. He's angry and wants her to know he's good with a gun.
19 Feb. 1954
The Jungle Trap
While leading a safari, a professional hunter encounters the judge who sentenced his innocent brother to death for a crime he did not commit.
16 Apr. 1954
Something Wonderful
A young actress must decide between marriage and a stage career.
21 May 1954
Blizzard Bound
A trio is trapped by a raging blizzard. Their group is joined by a thug who managed to escape a plane wreck.
28 May 1954
Little War at San Dede
Three Americans are arrested in a small South American country as a revolution is about to take place. The authorities believe that one of the three is the leader of the revolt and threaten to kill all three men unless the ring-leader comes forward.
18 Jun. 1954
The Black Mate
No-nonsense sailor Bunter signs on as first mate on a sailing ship helmed by an eccentric skipper. The Captain is a firm believer in spiritualism which Bunter dismisses as idiotic superstition. But one strange night, Bunter falls on the deck, saying he's seen a ghost. The next morning, his hair is completely white.
9 Jul. 1954
Rabbit Foot
Small town police are about to search the swamps for the murderer of a local cop when a man emerges from the bayou. He says he's a detective on the trail of a payroll thief and shot the robber/cop killer in a shootout. The man shows off a bag full of the stolen money which he says he retrieved and must return to the city immediately. Before he can catch a train out of town, the deputy realizes the "detective" isn't who he claims to be and a chase back into the swamps ensues.
23 Jul. 1954
The General's Boots
A martinet of a general, one of his former officers, and a middle aged plane passenger find themselves in a liferaft with only one canteen of water.
3 Sep. 1954
Delay at Fort Bess
A small army garrison is surrounded by Apaches who threaten to wipe out the entire command unless an Indian prisoner is set free.
19 Nov. 1954
The Long Trail
Texas Ranger Walden accepts the hospitality of an Oregon sheriff and his daughter while on the trail of a man wanted for murder. He learns his quarry, Sam Gates, is nearby and the sheriff agrees to help him fulfill the order of the law. Several locals ask the ranger to reconsider arresting Gates because he was only acting in self defense. Plus, he's now a family man, married to the sheriff's daughter.

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