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Season 6

5 Oct. 1956
The House That Jackson Built
A woman who has devoted herself to her career decides she is never to wed. She proceeds to buy a house and build a life that doesn't involve having a family. But she is pleasantly surprised about what happens next.
16 Nov. 1956
An American secret agent fighting to get control of a South American oil well poses an Englishman to thwart enemy agents.
14 Dec. 1956
A Tale of Wells Fargo
After a series of train robberies and stagecoach hold-ups, the Wells Fargo Company assigns special agent Jim Hardie to capture the outlaws.
29 Mar. 1957
The Restless Gun
On the trail to visit his old friend Dan, former gunfighter Britt Ponset meets an escaped murderer nursing a grudge and plotting to kill Dan. Britt's job now is to warn Dan and help him prepare for the inevitable showdown.
12 Apr. 1957
The Blue Hotel
Strangers stranded in a hotel by a blizzard pass the time by playing poker. Tensions rise when one of them accuses another of cheating.
19 Apr. 1957
Girl with a Glow
An attractive, charming librarian is smitten with the movie director who's been hanging around the library. He enlists her help in tracking down a stunning woman he'd seen there days before; he describes her as having "a glow." Though she's glad to help, she hates that she hasn't captured his attention like the future movie star has.
17 May 1957
Switch Station
A drifter takes a temporary job at a stagecoach station but refuse a permanent one from manager Henry Maguire. As he's ready to move on bandits arrive threatening Henry and daughter Bess. The cowboy makes a crucial choice.
16 Aug. 1957
The Face of a Killer
A gangster pursued by the police convinces a crooked plastic surgeon to alter his face to look like a respected banker so the thug can kill and assume the identity of the respected citizen
29 Aug. 1957
Always Open and Shut
Two policeman who are partners on a dangerous beat vie for the love of the same woman.

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