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17 Oct. 1967
Clothes Make the Bum
Skelton as Freddie the Freeloader is a surprise participant in a fashion show to the exasperation of Emcee Terry-Thomas and Store Detective Nancy Wilson.
24 Oct. 1967
A New York Stripper Is Not Always a Steak
Guest Roland Winters is a father breaking up son John Forsythe's romance with a stripper. Red mimes a scuba diver's mermaid encounter. Michele Lee sings "Anything Goes." Tom Hansen dancers perform to "Feelin' Groovy."
31 Oct. 1967
Hippie Days Are Here Again - guests Tim Conway, Nancy Ames, Jackie Coogan
A love-in finds Freddie the Freeloader interacting with hippies. Tim finds a bizarre growth on his head courtesy of Nancy and Red. Jackie overeats at a restaurant.
28 Nov. 1967
Little Old Rainmaker: Me
San Fernando Red finds a rich sucker in a wealthy Montana rancher played by Godfrey. His huge acreage is going bone dry for lack of rain, so Fernando first tries to sell him a rain-making contraption, then they both go up in a rickety airplane to seed the clouds. Red and Arthur do some blackouts, and in the Silent Spot, a medieval painter pleads with a short-tempered King for a commission at the royal gym.
12 Dec. 1967
Marriage Is Made in Heaven and Las Vegas
George works for a romance magazine where the boss insists on seeing his married home life, but at the last minute his wife leaves him, and co-worker Berle must pretend he's her. The silent spot shows Red playing Santa on a snowy roof.

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