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Season 15

4 Jan. 1966
When Nut-Hood Was in Flower - guests Milton Berle, Linda Bennett
"When Nuthood Was In Flower" starring Forsooth (Skelton), an apprentice at Ye Olde Pain & Torture Shoppe, and Nogood (Milton Berle), the playboy son back from college. Milton can't keep his lines straight and Red has trouble keeping a straight face!
18 Jan. 1966
Concert in Pantomime
All in mime. Short mime acts then a complete Silent Spot.
25 Jan. 1966
The Agony and the Nag-Ony
Red as George Appleby tries to drive his hated wife insane with the help of crooked "door-to-door Psychiatrist" Dr. Sigmund Fraud.(Vincent Price).In the monologue, Red enacts an encounter between a prospector and a rattlesnake, and in the silent spot, he's a musician searching for quiet inspiration in a tumbledown, desolate cabin, and finding anything but.
15 Feb. 1966
Half a Loafer Is Better Than None
Red as Freddy is caught after breaking into a men's club for explorers, where he's recognized by his long-lost father, Junglerot Freeloader (Ed Wynn). They go on to Africa in search of a rarely seen gorilla. later, Ed and Red celebrate Wynn's upcoming birthday with a big prop cake, and in the silent spot Red plays rich playboy forced to work at a bakery.

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