The Gunfighter (1950) Poster

Gregory Peck: Jimmy Ringo



  • Jimmy Ringo : How come I've got to run into a squirt like you nearly every place I go these days? What are you trying to do? Show off for your friends?

  • Marshal Mark Strett : Somebody after you?

    Jimmy Ringo : Three somebodies.

    Marshal Mark Strett : The law?

    Jimmy Ringo : Naw, this is personal.

    Marshal Mark Strett : I don't want 'em to catch up with you here.

    Jimmy Ringo : I don't want 'em to catch up with me anywhere.

  • Jimmy Ringo : You're Hunt Bromley, ain't ya?

    Hunt Bromley : Yeah... you heard of me already?

    Jimmy Ringo : Yeah, I heard about you. I heard you're a cheap, no-good bar-room loafer. If I didn't have somethin' else on my mind I'd take them guns away from ya and slap ya cross-eyed.

  • Jimmy Ringo : Why don't you button up your britches and go home?

  • Peggy Walsh : When did you get this idea Jim?

    Jimmy Ringo : Well I didn't get it, it just kinda' came over me. The way gettin' older comes over ya. All of a sudden you look at things different then the way ya did five years ago. All of a sudden I knew this was the only thing in the world I wanted.

  • Jimmy Ringo : Well didn't he... didn't he leave you anything?

    Molly : Mmm-hmm. A horse a saddle, two guns and $15 dollars.

  • Jimmy Ringo : Now turn around and head for the door. Keep movin' and don't do anything sudden with your hands.

    Hunt Bromley : I'll be seein' ya, Mister Ringo...

    Jimmy Ringo : All the way outside, sonny.

  • Jimmy Ringo : [to Archie, the boy sweeping up the saloon]  You got a livery stable here, boy?

    Archie : [just stares at Jimmy Ringo] 

    Mac : Uh, he's a little astonished, Jimmy.

    Jimmy Ringo : When you get him un-astonished, tell him to take care of my horse.

  • Jimmy Ringo : What about this? Ain't some of you fellas in charge of this donkey?

  • Bit Part : Eddie don't mean no real harm, Mr. Ringo.

    Jimmy Ringo : Then let Eddie keep his big ugly nose out of my business if he don't want to get it slapped.

  • Jimmy Ringo : What was I supposed to do, stand there and let that little boy shoot me full of holes?

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