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  • The stooges become detectives and go to the aid of girl in the clutches of a mad scientist. The boys arrive at a spooky mansion where the madman is building a mechanical man that needs a human head. After declining the opportunity to supply a stooge-head for the experiment, they find the girl and escape, only to wind up in a car driven by the headless robot.


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  • The Stooges are janitors working the night shift in an office building. They are tidying up a private eye's office when a damsel in distress named Louise runs in, gasping for breath. The stooges learn she is on the run from Professor Potter, a mad scientist who escaped from the state hospital. The Stooges promise her that nothing bad will happen, but while the Stooges are changing into their civilian clothes down the hall, Potter's assistant Ralph comes into the office and drags Louise away. The Stooges arrive back to discover she is missing. They find a newspaper on the desk about the scientist that he is conducting experiments at a house out of town.

    It turns out Potter's latest experiment is using human heads on bodies of mannequins and when the Stooges arrive at the house, they are greeted by Ralph, who tells them the professor will only see them one at a time as he does not like crowds. Moe is the first one to go into the laboratory, but tries to escape when Potter plans to chop his head off with a revolving blade. At the same time, Larry canvases the house and Shemp discovers Louise tied up in another room.

    As Moe and Shemp meet up, they find out Louise has disappeared again. They get spooked by Ralph at the window, as well as Potter threatening them with a knife. They wind up in the next room thanks to a revolving book case. Moe hides inside the covers on the bed and Shemp hides underneath, but Ralph notices Moe and he runs off, causing Ralph to fall through the mattress, trapping Shemp underneath the bed. As Ralph runs after Moe, Larry comes in to help Shemp up, but runs off when Potter sneaks up behind him. Thinking it's Larry, they plan to go, but Shemp notices it is Potter and a scuffle occurs, ending when a vase crashes on top of Potter's head. Larry is in the laboratory masquerading as a lamp, but is eventually caught by Ralph and Larry runs into the next room, locking the door behind him. Ralph eventually gets the door open and lunges toward Larry, but he presses two halves of a table against Ralph's head, choking him.

    Moe hides in the closet, but discovers Potter behind him and runs off. Shemp goes in and panics when he sees Potter, but Moe accidentally locks him in as Larry and Louise arrive telling Moe they should leave while they still can. As Potter plans to cut Shemp's head off, he crashes through the closet door and joins the others who are flagging down a car. As they get in, they think they are safe, until they notice the driver is actually the headless mannequin. Everybody screams as the cars flies wildly down the winding road.

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