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Laurette Luez: Marla Rakubian



  • Frank Bigelow : [Referring to a photo of Reynolds]  Yeah? Well, you're mighty careful with a picture of a man you haven't heard from in months.

    [Referring to a signature on the photo] 

    Frank Bigelow : What does the 'Ray' stand for?

    Marla Rakubian : It was a... a pet name. Do you mind?

    Frank Bigelow : Oh, it sounds very cozy, Miss Rakubian. You and Reynolds call each other pet names while you make a sucker out of Philips.

    Marla Rakubian : Philips made the deal because he wanted it!

    Frank Bigelow : Yeah, I'll bet you you weren't above using what it takes to help make him want it. Who's paying for this trip?

    Marla Rakubian : I am!

    Frank Bigelow : Really? A first class trip to Buenos Aires on a model's salary? Don't make me laugh. Since you and Reynolds aren't seeing each other anymore, you don't mind if I keep this, do you?

    [He folds the photo and puts it in his inside suit pocket] 

    Marla Rakubian : If I were a man, I'd punch your dirty face in!

    Frank Bigelow : You know, I really believe you would.

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