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The Love of a Woman

Welcome to the world of Jean Grémillon, where adult characters work through adult problems without benefit of melodramatic excess. The impressively directed experiences of Micheline Presle’s lady doctor on a storm-swept island opts for a progressive point of view, not sentimentality.

The Love of a Woman

Blu-ray + DVD

Arrow Video USA

1953 / B&W / 1:37 flat full frame / 104 min. / Street Date August 22, 2017 / L’amour d’une femme / Available from Arrow Video 39.95

Starring: Micheline Presle, Massimo Girotti, Gaby Morlay, Paolo Stoppa, Marc Cassot, Marius David, Yvette Etiévant, Roland Lesaffre, Robert Naly, Madeleine Geoffroy.

Cinematography: Louis Page

Film Editor: Louisette Hautecoeur, Marguerite Renoir

Production Design: Robert Clavel

Original Music: Elsa Barraine, Henrie Dutilleux

Written by René Fallet, Jean Grémillon, René Wheeler

Produced by Mario Gabrielli, Pierre Géin

Directed by Jean Grémillon

Film critics that pride themselves on rediscovering older directors haven’t done very well by France’s Jean Grémillon, at least not in this country.
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Mold, Leaks, and Structural Problems Plague Homes in Disney-Built Town of Celebration, Florida: Report

Mold, Leaks, and Structural Problems Plague Homes in Disney-Built Town of Celebration, Florida: Report
It doesn’t look like there’s much to celebrate, in Celebration, Florida.

The Walt Disney Co.–built town, which opened in 1996 and sits in an 11-square-mile enclave near the Magic Kingdom, was designed to be a modern-day suburban Utopia. But a new report in The Wall Street Journal paints a picture far less colorful.

Condominium owners there tell the paper that 20 years after its opening, their properties in Celebration are plagued with problems, including leaky roofs, moldy walls, and balconies that have separated from the sides of their buildings.

Gone are the perfect pastel-colored, picket-fenced homes. Now, columns holding
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Steve Coogan And John C. Reilly Cast As Laurel And Hardy In Stan And Ollie

It happens very rarely, but when inspired casting and beloved subject matter coincide, something very special is created. Such is the case with the upcoming film project Stan And Ollie, which has just found its two leads in the form of Academy Award nominees Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly. Meeting the legendary pair in their later years, the film will centre on their 1953 tour of the UK, during which the stars each met challenges head-on, and reaffirmed one of the most iconic partnerships in entertainment history.

UK born Stan Laurel and Us born Oliver Hardy were both well-established contract players in their own right when they first collaborated onscreen in the 1927 silent short film, Putting Pants On Philip. They remained in partnership at Hal Roach film studios until 1940, when they began to work together with other production companies. Their final feature length film was titled Atoll K, which was
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Jon S. Baird Meets Laurel And Hardy

Jon S. Baird Meets Laurel And Hardy
Having already followed his scurrilous Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth with some episodes of Danny Boyle's Babylon, Jon S. Baird has something very different lined up for his next project. He'll direct a currently unnamed project focusing on the twilight years of Laurel And Hardy. Specifically the film will centre on Stan and Ollie's farewell tour of Britain in 1953. The comedy duo's star was on the wane by the time the tour took place. Their films for Fox and post-war careers hadn't recaptured the magic of their earlier days with producer Hal Roach, and they had filmed their ill-fated final film Utopia (Aka Atoll K) in 1952, though it was yet to be released. They were met by adoring crowds everywhere they went on their music hall tour, however. But sadly the jollity had to be cut short when Hardy became seriously ill with heart problems.Jeff Pope (Philomena) wrote the screenplay for the film,
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All the chat in the office today has concerned Utopia, and how last night's audacious flashback episode has ramped up the anticipation
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Tom Stoppard Signs With Paradigm

Exclusive: Screenwriter and playwright Tom Stoppard has signed with Paradigm, re-joining longtime agent Robert Bookman. That means in two consecutive days, two Oscar-winning screenwriters have followed Bookman from CAA to Paradigm. The Silence Of The Lambs scribe Ted Tally joined yesterday. Stoppard most recently scripted Anna Karenina. He’s best known for co-scripting Shakespeare In Love, and his credits include Enigma, Empire Of The Sun and Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. He won the Oscar for Shakespeare In Love and was nominated for Brazil. On the TV side, he just got nominated for a BAFTA for the HBO miniseries Parade’s End. Paradigm is repping him for screenwriting. As playwright, Stoppard has won four Tony Awards for Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, Travesties, The Real Thing and Coast Of Utopia. He directed the movie version of Rosencrantz And Guildernstern Are Dead, and wrote the script. He most recently wrote Dark Side,
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Views (Sf Academia): The Disembodiment of Odo: Tyranny and Utopia in Le Guin's Dispossessed (part 3)

Part 3 (of 4)

read part 2 here

In “The Day Before the Revolution,” Odo herself rejects those who, during her life, believe she is something more than a woman. She thinks that they

"just came to look, as if she were the Great Tower in Rodarred, or the Canyon of the Tulaevea. A phenomenon, a monument. They were awed, adoring. She snarled at them: Think your own thoughts!—That’s not anarchism, that’s mere obscurantism.—You don’t think liberty and discipline are incompatible, do you?— They accepted their tonguelashing meekly as children, gratefully, as if she were some kind of All-Mother, the idol of the Big Sheltering Womb. She!" (416).

Odo wants to be regarded as a person, an individual. She does not want to be blindly followed, for her ideas to be etched in stone. Odo’s idea is to empower the individual to critically analyze, to not accept anyone
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Views (Sf Academia): The Disembodiment of Odo: Tyranny and Utopia in Le Guin's Dispossessed

Part I (of 4)

The Disembodiment of Odo:

Tyranny and Utopia in The Dispossessed by Marjorie Jensen

“Every man has an Utopia in his head”

-Ignatius Donnelly

“All government in essence is tyranny”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Social and political structures in utopian literature range from monasticism and socialism to behaviorism and anarchism. The common thread in utopias—ancient to modern—is that they privilege one method of structuring society over all others. This privileging makes utopian thought tyrannical. As Chris Ferns says in “Dreams of Freedom”:

"The term “utopia,” of course, notoriously embodies a pun: Sir Thomas More’s coinage is deliberately ambiguous in its derivation. Its root may be taken either as ou-topos—“no place,” or eu-topos—“the good place.” Almost by definition, therefore, utopia is both a good place, an ideal society, yet at the same time one which does not exist" (Fern 453).

While More invented the specific term,
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