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7 Jan. 1957
The Liar
A young wife's apparent inability to tell the truth is putting her marriage in jeopardy.
14 Jan. 1957
Give and Take
A tragic woman feels she's adding nothing to her family and following the loss of an expected child, her mental condition slips further.
21 Jan. 1957
Crisis at Sand Cave
Searching for another entrance to the Mammoth Cave system, Kentucky spelunker Floyd Collins became trapped just 150 feet from the entrance of Sand Cave. Rescuers were able to feed and talk with Collins before additional cave-ins allowed only voice contact. The two weeks of daily coverage by reporter William Burke Miller helped fuel a media circus that surrounded the rescue attempts.
28 Jan. 1957
The Clay Pigeon
Since he works for his older brother, a test pilot always feels he's in his elder's shadow. He doesn't show up for work one day, forcing the older brother to conduct a test flight. When something goes wrong in the plane and he's killed, the family holds the younger brother responsible for his death.
4 Feb. 1957
The Week the World Stood Still
Swedish industrialist Birger Dahlerus worked frantically in the week preceding the start of World War II to negotiate a deal between Britain and Germany. This is a dramatization of the actual events leading up to the outbreak of war.
11 Feb. 1957
The Grand Prize
Secretary Lucille Cotton's prize from a TV contest is to be the boss of her boss for 24 hours. At first, her employer likes the idea because he'll have more time for flirting with her. He changes his opinion when she starts doing some serious bossing.
18 Feb. 1957
Wait for Me
A teenage girl with an older sister tries to spread her wings and become more independent.
25 Feb. 1957
Reclining Figure
A wealthy American art collector is anxious to get his hands on a valuable Renoir painting.
4 Mar. 1957
The Enemy
When an American sailor is washed ashore during World War II, a young Japanese doctor and his wife face a crisis. They must choose between honoring their loyalty to their country or their fellow man.
11 Mar. 1957
The Last Train to Kildevil
A couple deals with a business and marital crisis while on the commute between their house and Manhattan.
18 Mar. 1957
His Name Was Death
After successfully murdering his wife, a man starts to think of himself as an expert at the craft. Soon, his friends and neighbors are dropping dead at a startling rate.
25 Mar. 1957
One Minute to Ditch
Based on a recent actual event, a pilot performs a heroic feat when he successfully ditches his plane in the Pacific Ocean with 31 passengers on board. The U. S. Coast Guard cutter Pontchartrain arrives and rescues the survivors.
1 Apr. 1957
A Slice of Life
In this comedy, a grandmother gets into the cupid business and it ends up turning her home into a commercial bakery.
8 Apr. 1957
Victoria Regina
Claire Bloom portrays the famed Queen Victoria over a 60 year span, from the age of 18 through her romance with Prince Albert through her diamond jubilee in 1897.
15 Apr. 1957
Fear Street
Two brothers -- one a police officer, the other a gangster -- face off in a mortal battle. The woman they both love decides the outcome.
22 Apr. 1957
The Trial of Pontius Pilate
This is a dramatization of the events surrounding the trial of Jesus. Pontius Pilate finds Jesus not guilt yet still turns him over the angry crowd which crucifies him. At his own trial at Nero's court in Rome, he tries to justify his actions.
29 Apr. 1957
The New World
This suspense drama is based on the actual events involving the scientists working secretly at Chicago's Stagg Field. Dramatized are the final weeks leading up to the first successful nuclear chain reaction, an achievement that made the atomic bomb possible.
6 May 1957
Longing for to Go
This love story revolves around an attractive assistant director in television and her boss, an egomaniacal director.
13 May 1957
Return Visit
Now that he's become successful in the New York business world, a man returns to his hometown to see the friends and family he once rejected.
27 May 1957
Sturdevant's Daughter
A daughter fears that her mother is falling in love with their family's doctor, so she gets involved to save her parents' marriage.
3 Jun. 1957
One Smart Apple
In a sequel to the episode "Goodbye, Grey Flannel" (10/22/56), the characters return to teach a few things to the big city advertising types of New York. The Vermont farmer's daughter coaching the husband-hunters "city girls" a few things about catching men.
17 Jun. 1957
The Weather Lover
In this fantasy, a man who's able to control the weather of the world reaches too far when he tries to do the same with love. He employs his weather-manipulating skills to come between a husband and wife and their daughter and her boyfriend.
24 Jun. 1957
Faust '57
A modern adaptation of the opera Faust closes out the Robert Montgomery series. Faust, the scientist, sells his soul to Satan in exchange for the element he needs to complete a scientific formula. This item, however, proves to be useless to him.

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