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Season 6

20 Sep. 1954
A small-town girl leaves her unhappy home to find her way in a large city. There she meets an unsavory character who, nevertheless, offers her the only understanding help she has ever known.
27 Sep. 1954
A Dream of Summer
A Brooklyn bookkeeper falls in love with a Bronx shipping clerk at a summer resort. Meanwhile, each fears that the other will discover their secret; it seems they both exaggerated greatly about their careers.
4 Oct. 1954
Two Wise Women
A married American banker falls for a French reporter while in Berlin.
11 Oct. 1954
Autumn Crocus
When love finally arrives for a spinster school teacher, she must reject it. The young innkeeper she's fallen for is already married.
18 Oct. 1954
Foreign Affair
This comic romance begins in the post-war rubble of 1947 Berlin, Germany. Captain Pringle is in love with a U. S. Congresswoman on an investigation and the woman being investigated.
25 Oct. 1954
In this fictional documentary, a man campaigning for the governorship of a Southern state goes on trial for the murder of his secretary. The effects of television coverage on justice are highlighted as facts get distorted along party lines and the cameras cover the "event" inside and outside the courtroom.
1 Nov. 1954
The Gentleman
A man is obsessed with the way things used to be. Rather than accepting and appreciating the present, he sadly retreats to living his life in the past.
8 Nov. 1954
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Part 1
Subtitled "The Beastliness of Beauty", Victor Hugo's classic is adapted for television. It's the story of the hideous bell-ringing Quasimodo at the Cathederal of Notre Dame and the beautiful woman he loves, Esmeralda.
15 Nov. 1954
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Part 2
Subtitled The Beauty of the Beast, Victor Hugo's classic is adapted for the small screen. It's the story of the hideous bell-ringing Quasimodo at the Cathederal of Notre Dame and the beautiful woman he loves, Esmeralda.
22 Nov. 1954
On the weekend of the big homecoming game, a college football star plans for an improved future. The rich co-ed he's dating could be his ticket to an upgrade in his status.
29 Nov. 1954
Judith is a beautiful woman who proceeds to destroy the man she claims to have loved. She receives a well-earned retribution for her actions.
6 Dec. 1954
Dr. Ed
This inspirational story is based on real-life physician Dr. Edward Conner of Pennsylvania. In his life, he was able to start a clinic for handicapped kids, despite his personal battle with multiple sclerosis.
13 Dec. 1954
End of a Mission
A pilot who's thought to have died during a crash decides to "play dead" so he can remain near the woman he loves. Eventually, he wishes to return to the United States, as both a deserter and a casualty.
20 Dec. 1954
David Copperfield: Part 1. The Search
In the first of two parts, young and motherless David is sent by his uncaring stepfather to live with the impoverished Micawbers in London. He barely survives, working at a warehouse gluing labels on bottles.
27 Dec. 1954
David Copperfield: Part 2. The Reward
In the second of two parts, David conducts his romance with the spoiled Dora Spenlow and, with the help of Micawber, unmasks Uriah Heep as a scheming thief. This episode is subtitled "The Reward".
3 Jan. 1955
Death and the Sky Above
An innocent man convicted for the murder of his wife escapes to search for the guilty party, but is ultimately recaptured. Back in the death house, the moments tick by as the time of his execution gets nearer.
10 Jan. 1955
A Night for Dreaming
Three girls share a New York apartment, each with a dream they're pursuing. One wants to meet someone to love, one wants to marry a rich man, and last wishes to become a star. Each learns that their dreams come with high prices.
17 Jan. 1955
The Cypress Tree
A widow tries to move on following the death of her husband, but her sisters stand in the way. One wants her to forge ahead while the other wants her to go into seclusion in memory of her departed spouse.
24 Jan. 1955
Joe's Boy
A self-centered father is determined to see that his son, the soldier, gets married to a proper girl and starts a respectable career.
31 Jan. 1955
A small town girl moves to the city and falls in love with her ruthless, cut-throat boss. During the time she awaits his proposal, she transforms into a hard-boiled career woman. When she returns to her hometown, she finds she doesn't fit in anymore.
7 Feb. 1955
The Lost Weekend
Robert Montgomery takes the starring role in this version of the famous film about a man slowly dying from alcoholism.
21 Feb. 1955
Coming of Age
Fears lead to upheaval in Terry Ballard's life as he suffers a mid-life crisis at his 40th birthday. His wife wants them to buy a new house and he's been offered a new position at work. Terry afraid to risk the security of his current position for the better-paying offer, fearful of being out of work if the new job doesn't work out.
28 Feb. 1955
It Depends on You
On the eve of his debut as a major league baseball player, a man is committed to a tuberculosis sanatorium. He tries to adjust to his new life with the help of two women who love him.
7 Mar. 1955
A Matter of Dignity
An arrogant man who has treated family, friends, and employees with disrespect and abuse finds his life threatened and no one to turn to for help.
14 Mar. 1955
A Stone for His Son
Prejudice almost destroys a family when a successful rancher disowns his only son for marrying a woman who's grandmother was a Sioux. The secret of the man's bigotry is revealed because of an unexpected tragedy.
21 Mar. 1955
N.Y. to L.A.
This show business story tells of an actor who ruthlessly pursues a studio contract with no regard for whom he steps on or uses along the way. His girlfriend is the last to realize his true nature.
28 Mar. 1955
The Iron Cobweb
An author returns to the hospital following the loss of her new-born. While there, she realizes that someone wants to make her seem unhinged by the infant's death.
4 Apr. 1955
The Tender Leaves of Hope
After suffering a serious accident, an accomplished surgeon fears that his skills are lost. He turns to a psychiatrist for help.
18 Apr. 1955
P.J. Martin and Son
A domineering mother controls the family business with a steely grip--the same one she uses to control her two sons.
25 Apr. 1955
The Tall Dark Man
A girl known for spinning fanciful stories witnesses a murder outside of her schoolroom window. Because of her reputation, no one believes her. What's worse, she realizes that the murderer saw her watching.
2 May 1955
Bella Fleace Gave a Party
Octogenarian Bella Fleace decides to have one last fling and give a great ball, but no one attends.
9 May 1955
The Great Gatsby
In an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "roaring twenties" book, a man pines for the woman who discarded him years earlier.
16 May 1955
The Cage
In London during World War II, British counter intelligence agents track down a wily Nazi spy.
23 May 1955
The Drifter
In the Old West, a Civil War veteran and a dance hall gal are awarded a stage coach line by its dying owner.
30 May 1955
Now or Never
Jack and Liz meet on the Stamford, Connecticut express train. Through flashbacks, we learn they first met at the same location and began a torrid, though short-lived, love affair.
6 Jun. 1955
The Killer
Guilt plagues a number of people who feel that, perhaps, their indifference was a cause for a man's death.
13 Jun. 1955
Second Chance
A son feels so indebted to his family for having sacrificed to send him to college that he almost ruins his academic career.
20 Jun. 1955
There's No Need to Shout
Real-life newspaperwoman Frances Warfield jeopardizes her success by not addressing her hearing loss.
27 Jun. 1955
The young new teacher in a small town tries to gently let down a young student who has a crush on her.
4 Jul. 1955
The Fourth of July
A determined police detective works to force a crooked former politician to face the music.
11 Jul. 1955
The Paper Hero
An unmarried middle-aged clerk at a marriage license bureau is a true romantic. He's always writing poems and bringing flowers for the young lovers who visit his office. He eventually falls for a widow, but starts to have second thoughts about marriage because of her superficial and self-centered ways.
18 Jul. 1955
The Diamond Curtain
A young woman moves to New York City and becomes a success, only to become entrapped by a life of superficiality.
25 Jul. 1955
Decision by Morning
A tough moral and professional decision faces a gifted eye surgeon. He can chose an action that may save a child's vision, but it would compromise medical standards.
1 Aug. 1955
A Slightly Important Man
A shrewish wife considers her husband's theater career to be competition for his affections. She forces him to make a choice.
8 Aug. 1955
Uncle Snowball
Two worldly gentlemen vie for the affections of an equally cosmopolitan woman in this light comedy.
15 Aug. 1955
Late Love
Rosie escapes her dull life as an office secretary engaged for a decade to a dentist through her elaborate daydreams. When Rosie loses her job, she indulges her imagination by heading for Mexico armed with a Geiger counter.
29 Aug. 1955
The Return of Johnny Burro
One half of a once-dangerous criminal duo is now reformed. His ex-partner arrives, looking for a place to hide out for a while.
5 Sep. 1955
My Dear Emily
In the final summer stock performance of the season, a father's extreme possessiveness of his daughter ruins her life.

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