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Season 4

1 Sep. 1952
Unclouded Summer
An American traveling abroad falls in love with an already married British noblewoman.
8 Sep. 1952
The Law-Abiding
An operative of the U.S. government has the task of spying on Dr. Anton Radjak, a Czech scientist, who's snooping around London. He's very interested in stealing the new discovery made by U.S. and Great Britain scientists.
15 Sep. 1952
The Fairfield Lady
An ambitious woman is determined to rise to the top of the publishing business and will not let anything, or anyone, stand in her way. An ambitious woman is determined to rise to the top of the publishing business and will not let anything, or anyone, stand in her way.
22 Sep. 1952
There Once Was a Diamond Ring
A man, still in love with his wife, tries to save his crumbling marriage by giving her a diamond ring. She could care less and loses it down the drain. A plumber eventually finds the ring as it begins a trip stretching over several thousand miles. Everyone who comes in contact with the piece of jewelry finds happiness.
29 Sep. 1952
A police lieutenant working in a big city department takes his duties seriously. He is so dedicated, in fact, that he neglects his 18-year-old son who becomes involved in drugs.
6 Oct. 1952
Senora Isobel
A rising political figure faces a crisis at home thanks to years of neglecting his wife while pursuing his career.
13 Oct. 1952
The Fall Guy
A college football star is offered a lucrative contract to play in the professional leagues. He's torn between going for the sports career or staying in school and entering a more stable career. His girlfriend votes for school.
20 Oct. 1952
Keane vs. Keane
A wealthy heiress discovers that her husband was merely a gold-digger so she sues him for divorce.
27 Oct. 1952
The Sheffield Story
A trusted German general during World War II was actually a secret agent for the British.
3 Nov. 1952
The Bench in the Park
A man's sour outlook on life brings about important changes in the lives of those who encounter him.
10 Nov. 1952
The Biarritz Scandal
An American loses everything gambling in a French casino. This leads to his involvement in a dangerous scheme.
17 Nov. 1952
The Davidian Report
A secret document known as the "Davidian Report" smuggled out of Berlin and for sale to the highest bidder. In this spy tale set on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, any one of the passengers may be after the report; it's wanted by everyone from the FBI to the Communists.
24 Nov. 1952
The Valeri Special
An Italian racer is distraught after learning that he has been replaced. The race team went with someone younger--his own son. His mechanic still has faith in "old man" Valeri and builds another car for him to race.
1 Dec. 1952
The Post Road
Emily Madison owns a Connecticut tourist home on Boston's Post Road. One night, mysterious Dr. Spender arrives with his nurse, chauffeur and a patient--a young woman who surprisingly gives birth. The household members become suspicious when they're kept from seeing the baby for a week, and they hear on the radio that an infant has been kidnapped from its cradle.
8 Dec. 1952
The Inward Eye
A mother is caught up in a bizarre case of mistaken identity that results in her seven-year-old son being kidnapped.
15 Dec. 1952
A baron living on a remote South Pacific island seldom travels to the mainland. On a rare occasion that he does, he rescues a girl from her job working for a hateful hotel owner. The two live happily ever after...until the the hotelier sends a couple of thugs to bring the girl back.
22 Dec. 1952
The Christmas Cards
A lonely man purchases three Christmas cards and mails each to someone chosen at random.
29 Dec. 1952
The Closed Door
Detective Peter Handley is in the hospital for treatment of a memory block after his girlfriend is found murdered. He's unable to recall if he did or didn't kill the young woman so he is administered sodium amytal, the "truth serum."
5 Jan. 1953
Keep Your Head Up, Mr. Putnam
This episode is based on the autobiography of Peter Putnam, a young man who lost his sight in a hunting accident. Wanting to pursue his education, he attends the Seeing Eye Institute in Morristown, New Jersey before attending and graduating from Princeton University.
12 Jan. 1953
A sleazy reporter makes his name exposing the skeletons in other people's closets. Eventually, all of his dirt-digging backfires on him.
19 Jan. 1953
Maggie, Pack Your Bags
An ex-Army officer is enjoying his retirement in Mexico with his second wife--until his son and a general arrive to disrupt his quiet life.
26 Jan. 1953
The Outer Limit
The military sends up pilot Peter Graves in a rocket-boosted plane to reach the outer limit of the atmosphere. They lose communication with him as he travels beyond their radar's upper range. He's presumed dead, yet he lands safely an hour after he would have run out of oxygen and fuel.
2 Feb. 1953
Element of Risk
While taking a supposedly relaxing country vacation, a famous actor gets anything but rest. His gorgeous next door neighbor has just been acquitted of murdering her husband. The actor starts asking questions about the case and finds himself in serious danger.
9 Feb. 1953
The Shadow Line
A young sailor who's had his fill of the sailing life announces his retirement from the sea. For his final voyage, he agree to captain a ship back home from the Siam Sea.
16 Feb. 1953
The Burtons
The owner of a carriage shop in 1910 New England is informed that his business stands in the path of a proposed new highway. he chooses to ignore the state's orders and refuses to vacate.
23 Feb. 1953
Dinah, Kip, and Mr. Barlow
A man from a small town, a career woman, and an unemployed-but-talented older man are each unknowingly competing for the same advertising agency job. The two younger people end up falling in love but their relationship starts takes a back seat to professional competition.
2 Mar. 1953
The widow of a Korean war soldier works in an isolated mountain laboratory where research on atomic weapons is being conducted. She befriends a couple that tells her that her husband is not dead, but being held by the Communists. They offer a deal: in exchange for atomic secrets, they will insure his safe return.
9 Mar. 1953
The Centrifuge
A research scientist joins a team working at a secret lab in Britain. Their project is to beat the Communists in developing deadly bacteria for use in biological warfare. The doctor inadvertently becomes involved in espionage.
16 Mar. 1953
Tomorrow We'll Sing
A United States airman tries to change the resentment that Italians villagers have towards Americans during their occupation of the town in World War II.
23 Mar. 1953
The Big Night
A former pilot in the Air Force finds it tough making the adjustment to the boring life of the civilian world.
30 Mar. 1953
Burden of Proof
In a British courtroom, a spoiled son is on trial for the murder of his father. Also on hand are his shrewish wife and loving daughter.
6 Apr. 1953
Second-Hand Sofa
After recovering from a nervous breakdown, Lacey Holden and her husband, Gates, move into an apartment in the city. The previous tenant is in a hurry to catch a boat out of the country and sells her old sofa to the couple. Lacey seems happy and healthy until she fines a note stashed in the sofa that reads, "If I am missing, I have been killed on this sofa."
13 Apr. 1953
The Glass Cage
Adam Foster is such a punctual and predictable employee that co-workers refer to him as "Mr. Tick Tock, the Human Clock". Everyone is surprised when the meticulous man is accused of embezzling company funds. A secretary in the office who has been put off by his blandness is the one person who can help him clear his name.
20 Apr. 1953
World by the Tail
In this romantic comedy, a ballerina and foreign attaché call off their romance. So do the ballerina's roommate and her boyfriend. The two lovers who just got dumped happen to meet.
27 Apr. 1953
Summer Tempest
A war widow must decide whether to live in the past or begin a new life in the present. She faces serious objections on re-marriage from the mother-in-law of her late husband.
4 May 1953
Broadway star Linda Coles gives the performance of a lifetime to the press when her husband dies in a small plane crash. What they don't know is that Linda and her husband's best friend, her lover, are behind the tragedy.
11 May 1953
Appointment in Samarra
Set against the middle upper class of a small Pennsylvania town in 1930, a man's world self-destructs as the Great Depression takes its toll.
18 May 1953
The Wind Cannot Read
A pilot for the Royal Air Force is lucky to be alive after his plane goes down in a Burmese jungle. While in India during World War II, he falls in love with his Japanese tutor.
25 May 1953
All Things Glad and Beautiful
The story of a devoted mother and her son is told from his birth until he becomes a GI during World War II.
8 Jun. 1953
No Head for Moonlight
This light comedy chronicles the romantic misadventures of an airline pilot on vacation at the beach. Before it's over, he's proposed to two different women, one right after the other.
22 Jun. 1953
The Woman Who Hated Children
A woman wants to have nothing to do with any children following the death of her son. Concerned over his wife's continued grief, her husband warms up to a friendly tyke from the slums.
29 Jun. 1953
Half a Kingdom
One man convinces the rest of the jury to vote "not-guilty" on charges against a wealthy industrialist. Now, he feels the cleared man owes him big.
6 Jul. 1953
The Half Millionaire
A boarding house is the setting for a murder, underworld criminals, the police, and $500,000 in cash.
13 Jul. 1953
Two of a Kind
n this comedy, a husband does his best to prevent jealousy between his home and his office.
20 Jul. 1953
A Summer Love
The star of a theater group, an aging Lothario with several marriages to his credit, falls for a younger actress in the cast. After meeting her family, he realizes that his past will stand in the way of their happiness. He pretends to romance one of his ex-wives so the girlfriend will be able to dump him.
27 Jul. 1953
Anne's Story
Anne was raised in a tawdry environment and constantly overshadowed by her successful, sexy younger sister. She enrolls in an art class for relief from her drudgery and meets a handsome, but jaded, playboy. He finds her a breath of fresh air, but Anne can't believe a good-looking man would have any interest in her,
3 Aug. 1953
Duet for Two Hands
A pianist has lost both of his hands in a tragic accident. A respected surgeon performs the impossible by grafting the hands of a recently-hanged killer onto the disabled musician. The musician's new hands prefer murdering to playing sonatas.
10 Aug. 1953
Red Robin Rides Again
A woman who lives with her brother and his daughter decide to reach out across the ocean and invite a British exchange student to stay with them. The visitor is an American actor, posing as a Britain, who proceeds to charm the young daughter of the household. The girl's fiancé is jealous of the would-be European's class, even though he's no slouch himself.
17 Aug. 1953
Pierce 3098
A husband who's carrying on an affair cannot get his wife to give him a divorce. Harold arranges for Alice to have an "accident"; he tampers with phone lines so that when he calls her from his office, there will be a deadly explosion. His well-engineered plan does not come off as expected.
24 Aug. 1953
Grass Roots
An ex-military man from rural farm country runs for senator on a platform of cleaning up political corruption.

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