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Deacon Parry: It's about Abigail and her doings.

Elisha Hunt: How does that concern you, Deacon?

Deacon Parry: Concerns every God-fearing body in the hollow. Elisha, there's been a shameless heathen a-singing in the valley.

Elisha Hunt: Singing?

Deacon Parry: e-yah, night; kinda wild and foreign like. Disturbing our bible readings. Devilling our young'uns onto more than, ahem, proper courting. Setting the dogs to howling like the fiend was in 'em.

Elisha Hunt: What has this strange music to do with Abigail?

Deacon Parry: She is a-makin' it.On that music box she bought to Abernathy's.

Elisha Hunt: You're mistaken, Deacon. There's no music box here. She sold it. I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere for your culprit.

Deacon Parry: I tell you it's Abigail, Elisha. It only plays nights, when you're away from home. Who else would know your comings and goings so well?

Deacon Parry: From where does this disturbance come?

Deacon Parry: From the hill top yonder. From the cave, most likely.

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