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  • Tom is "killed" while chasing Jerry (as usual). He goes to heaven and meets the cat who meets dead cats boarding the "Heavenly Express." Tom is given one hour to have Jerry sign a letter of forgiveness. If Jerry signs, he goes to heaven; if he doesn't then he goes to hell.

  • During yet another pursuit of Jerry, Tom ends up being killed when an upright piano slides down the stairs and slams into him. He meets a feline St. Peter at the gate of the Heavenly Express, but is initially turned away due to his constant torture. However, he will be allowed onto the train if he can have Jerry sign a letter of forgiveness within one hour. If not, it Hell for Tom. Will he go up or down?


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  • Tom is resting peacefully until Jerry comes along. A typically violent chase begins: he almost cuts off Jerry's hand and the mouse runs up the stairs. Tom loosens the carpet and pulls it down, but he also pulls down a large upright piano. Jerry manages to dodge the massive instrument, but he is crushed to death by the piano and climbs the golden stairway of Heaven to the golden gates of the "Heavenly Express", a train that sends dead beings to heaven. The gatekeeper allows the cats entry because their deaths were untimely and never inolved persecution of any mouse. Butch is the first one to pass because he lost a fight with a bulldog. Frankie was the next one to pass because he got struck by a flat iron. Then, Alois was run over by a steamroller and the three kittens drowned because of uncaring owners. Tom tries to sneak in but the gatekeeper recognizes him and he's forced to stand in line as he looks up his record. The gatekeeper refuses him entry because he has persecuted Jerry all his life. However, if he can get a signature stating Jerry's forgiveness within an hour, a reprieve will be granted and he will be allowed through; otherwise he will be condemned to Hell, where Spike the Bulldog personified as the devil with a pitchfork awaits.

    Back on Earth, Tom comes back to life and, unsurprisingly, struggles to plead with Jerry to sign, bribing him with food, attempting to forge Jerry's signature, and pleading on his knees. Although Jerry does give in and sign, Tom just misses the deadline. The feline frantically tries to climb the stairs but they disappear and a hole opens under him, leading directly to Hell and into Spike's cauldron. Tom believes he is eternally damned as he struggles to escape from the cauldron.

    A few moments later, Tom awakes from what has been an all too realistic dream. Not wasting a moment, he runs over to Jerry, and he hugs him profusely.

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