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9 Sep. 1954
The Fugitive
The Lone Ranger is instructed to locate Clay Trowbridge, a man wrongly convicted of robbery and murder but who'd broken out of jail to avoid a lynch mob. With the real instigator of the crimes in custody the race is on to find Clay before someone cashes in on the wanted dead or alive posters still in circulation. Clay, unaware of his pardon and desperate for money plans to actually commit a robbery. Will the Lone Ranger be able to find this innocent man before he really does become a criminal.
16 Sep. 1954
While the Lone Ranger and Tonto are tracking the Compton gang they come across a famous law man Frank Dean who had faked his own death and dropped out from sight. The Ranger needs to come up with a plan that will not only take down the Compton gang but unravel the mystery behind the former lawman's unusual behavior.
23 Sep. 1954
Message to Fort Apache
The Lone Ranger gets involved in trying to break up a gang that is selling guns to Indians around Fort Apache. The gang knows the jig is nearly up, however they are waiting for payment by the Indians for one last shipment before heading for the Mexican border. Innocent lives are put at risk as the gang will stop at nothing to complete their deal. Can the Lone Ranger saves those put at risk by the gang and avoid another Indian war
30 Sep. 1954
The Frightened Woman
Tonto witnesses a robbery in "Powder Bend" The local sheriff thinks he is connected with the event and tries to arrest him. Tonto escapes and with the help of the Lone Ranger intends to find the bandit.
7 Oct. 1954
Gold Town
The death of a prospector leads to the Lone Ranger inheriting half the value of a gold mine. Bandits kidnap the other person to inherit the money and attempt to impersonate him.
14 Oct. 1954
Six-Gun Sanctuary
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are puzzled over the number of outlaws that have recently disappeared. They soon discover Reedville has been set up as a sanctuary for wanted criminals.
21 Oct. 1954
Outlaw's Trail
The Lone Ranger tracks an outlaw, Reno Lawrence to the small town of Painted Post. There he discovers conflict between the ranchers and farmers. He also discovers the sheriff and deputy may have a hidden past.
28 Oct. 1954
Stage to Tishomingo
Tonto and the Lone Ranger travel to the town of Gunsight to investigate a series of stranger stage coach robberies. It appears someone is trying to put the local stage coach company out of business. But who, and more importantly why?.
4 Nov. 1954
Texas Draw
The Lone Ranger breaks up a fight between John Thorpe a land owner and a gang lead by Crane Dillion. Then a third man William Hubbard arrives in the town on a strange mission.
11 Nov. 1954
Rendezvous at Whipsaw
Tonto, while riding into the town of Whipsaw encounters a someone trying to kill Mrs Mac, star witness in an up coming trial of Bat Larson. The Lone Ranger decides to go into the town to help protect other witnesses who may be in danger.
18 Nov. 1954
Dan Reid's Fight for Life
Dan Reid, the Lone Rangers nephew sees a Texas Ranger (Roy Barnett) ambushed by two outlaws. Barnett survives the attack and explains he has been tracking the Cardoza gang. The Lone Ranger decides to team up with Barnett and try to stop the gang.
25 Nov. 1954
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across dead cattle and a poisoned water hole on a ranch. They suspect they have stumbled onto a range war and decide to investigate what is going on.
2 Dec. 1954
A Broken Match
The Lone Ranger comes across a double murder and former criminal Jeff Williams discovered nearby. It is assumed by the local sheriff that Williams is guilty, but the Lone Ranger and Tonto have their doubts.
9 Dec. 1954
Colorado Gold
The Lone Ranger receives a letter from an old friend explaining her son is coming out to look at a goldmine that reports indicate has gone dry. The Lone Ranger decides to do all he can to help the tenderfoot in his investigation.
16 Dec. 1954
Homer with a High Hat
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on the way to Mordock City on the trail of missing gold from a recent robbery. A practical joke played on a visitor to the town puts his life in jeopard, and any chance of finding the gold even more remote.
23 Dec. 1954
Two for Juan Ringo
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive in Border City to see his secret banker, George Wilson. Wilson explains things have become tough, Edward Ashton a well known criminal has been slowly taking over the town. The Lone Ranger decides he needs to shut down Ashton's operation.
30 Dec. 1954
The Globe
Tonto witnesses the shooting of an old prospector 'Cherokee' flush with money from the sale of a disused gold mine. The Lone Ranger decides they need to investigate when he realizes the motive of the shooting was not robbery.

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