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Season 2

14 Sep. 1950
Million Dollar Wallpaper
The Ranger and Tonto are scouting a campsite when they come across two old timers, Mosshorn and Flapjack having a duel. After breaking up the fight they go to Mosshorn's shack to get water. While there they notice a large number of Red Gap mining shares that Mosshorn won in a card game. Three men, Silk, Moose and Matt are salting the Red Gap mine in the hope of luring suckers to invest when they discover a legitimate vein. Before they can take control they need to get the shares back from Mosshorn. The three visit the old timer, he refuses to sell his shares and an ...
21 Sep. 1950
Mission Bells
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are investigating former outlaw Stephen Dunn, when they find him shot dead. As they investigate the murder they discover a much bigger mystery centered on the local Spanish mission.
28 Sep. 1950
Dead Man's Chest
The Lone Ranger and Tonto stumble across a crime wave in a small town. As they investigate it is clear someone has many sources of information, which is only shared with other gang members by mail.
5 Oct. 1950
Outlaw's Revenge
In the identity of respected banker Calvin Blair, Trigger Taylor, top henchmen to the recently executed Pete Carson, seeks revenge by having henchman Hammer rob the bank in the Lone Ranger dress and also frames teller Ames as an accomplice.
12 Oct. 1950
Danger Ahead
To become sheriff, Deputy Craig has henchman Hatch kill revered Sheriff Roberts. The Lone Ranger, not knowing the involvement of Craig, talks to ventriloquist Boswell, who witnessed the murder, and who Craig wants dead.
19 Oct. 1950
Crime in Time
The Lone Ranger encounters a seemingly harmless watch maker who appears to be a law abiding citizen. It becomes very apparent there is far more to the man and his activities than anyone ever realized.
26 Oct. 1950
Drink of Water
The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive in Greenville during a terrible drought. At the same time a rain maker arrives in town with a deal that under any other circumstances would have been to good to believe.
2 Nov. 1950
Thieves' Money
Pierre Dumont a master counterfeiter kills a federal agent Jim Collins then takes his place. The Lone Ranger and Tonto struggle to make sense of the situation after they find Collins' body.
9 Nov. 1950
The Squire
The Lone Ranger is chasing a gang who earlier in the day robbed a bank. He and Tonto discover the gang rather than trying to escape are themselves chasing two eyewitnesses to the crime.
16 Nov. 1950
Masked Deputy
Tonto and the Lone Ranger are on the track of cattle rustlers, but are puzzled how they are disposing of such large quantity of cattle without being caught. The Lone Ranger suspects the rustles live in a nearby town posing as respectable citizens, and decides to investigate.
20 Nov. 1950
Banker's Choice
A banker is being blackmailed to keep it quiet that his son is an embezzler but the blackmailer unknown to the banker is an employee and relative who is the actual embezzler.
30 Nov. 1950
Desert Adventure
After the Yuma Kid's gang robs a bank, destroys a water hole behind them and heads across inhospitable desert, the Lone Ranger dons an old timer's disguise and tells a tale of gold to get Yuma and Cheyenne to get to the rest of the gang.
7 Dec. 1950
Bad Medicine
The Lone Ranger learns the Bolton gang which he is pursuing has committed a bank robbery in which one of them has been wounded and finds them holding a town doctor hostage for treatment and uses an Italian immigrant disguise as a ruse.
14 Dec. 1950
One Jump Ahead
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on the trail of Rick Sanders a well known outlaw. What puzzles the pair is how Sanders is getting money because it is so long since he pulled a job. While in town for supplies, Tonto overhears a conversation that might solved the puzzle.
21 Dec. 1950
Lady Killer
The Lone Ranger becomes involved when a series of gold shipments are attacked. All the clues seem to point to the least likely group of people in the area. The Lone Ranger must find a way to establish guilt and convince those around him.
28 Dec. 1950
Paid in Full
The Lone Ranger and Tonto help a couple save their ranch from a crooked mortgage holder, who wants to repossess the property for its mineral deposits.
4 Jan. 1951
Letter of the Law
Jeff Niles, who is married under an alias to the daughter of a callous sheriff, is blackmailed by prison escapee Sam Slater for details of a bank in which Niles works because Niles as a boy unwittingly did a robbery with Slater.
11 Jan. 1951
Silent Voice
The Lone Ranger saves Cleve Ritchie from henchmen of Dr. Payton who has planted Stella Watson in his home to care for his grandmother post stroke so Stella can get a map to an old Spanish treasure that Cleve has found to fund the town.
18 Jan. 1951
The Outcast
The Lone Ranger and Tonto are searching for a group of outlaws who are responsible for a series of hold ups. Even with the local sheriff and Texas Rangers involved, no one has been able to catch them.
25 Jan. 1951
Mr. Trouble
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a railway gang thats been attacked. What appears on the surface to be an Indian raid quickly appears to be far more complex and dangerous.
1 Feb. 1951
Behind the Law
The Lone Ranger gets word that the Folsom gang has overrun the town of San Carlos, and the local sheriff refuses to act. The Lone Ranger goes to the town to find out the true situation.
8 Feb. 1951
Trouble at Black Rock
Ruthless McCarty and two fellow prisoners have escaped and are heading for Black Rock mine in which McCarty has hidden stolen gold coin but where old-timer Neeley is working a claim and has been injured in an accident that uncovered the loot.
15 Feb. 1951
Two Gold Lockets
A young man is released from prison fully intent on joining the "Carlos Marina" gang. The Lone Ranger encounters a man who had previously fought against the gang. They decide to join forces to combat this new threat to peace in the West.
22 Feb. 1951
The Hooded Men
Tonto gets caught up in a robbery conducted by the Hooded gang, who the Lone Ranger has been tracking for some time. The Ranger has a suspicion who is behind the gang, but he needs time to connect all the dots.
1 Mar. 1951
Friend in Need
The Lone Ranger gets a message from the local padre. He asks The Lone Ranger and Tonto to try and find evidence Jeff Austin, currently on death row, was not responsible for a gold robbery.
8 Mar. 1951
Crooked stagecoach express agent Mason directs two henchmen who dress as Paiute braves to rob stage shipments with valuable cargo.

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