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Season 7

7 Sep. 1954
Crusade Without Conscience
The nephews of a judge are held hostage by members of the Communist Party in an effort to force the court to acquit a "fellow traveller."
14 Sep. 1954
Smoke and Fire
Gossip turns a girl's visit to New York into a scandal in her home town.
21 Sep. 1954
Second Elopement
A youthful looking matron reconsiders her decision to marry a distinguished diplomat.
28 Sep. 1954
Afraid to Live
A wise old man having achieved, on an island in the Fiji group, the inner peace and contentment, is called upon for advice.
12 Oct. 1954
The Reign of Amelika Joe
An American sailor completely changes the natives' way of life on a remote island in the Solomons.
19 Oct. 1954
The Man Who Sold Himself
A man auctions off himself as a labourer for a full year to the highest bidder in order to leave his small town life for the big city.
26 Oct. 1954
The Wife Who Lived Twice
After the death of his wife in a car accident, her husband allows the doctors to transplant her corneas to a young woman who will be able to see her husband for the first time.
2 Nov. 1954
Thank You, Dr. Russell
The headmaster of a private school teaches the spoiled son of a wealthy man lessons on humility.
9 Nov. 1954
Lost Perspective
After the death of his son during World War II, the father seeks revenge, holding the general responsible for the death of not only his son but others as well.
16 Nov. 1954
Girl Not Wanted
A cub reporter helps her editor recover his enthusiasm for her profession and the love of his wife.
23 Nov. 1954
The Last Hat
After the loss of her one true love, a woman is surprised when years later he returns home as a hopeless amnesiac.
30 Nov. 1954
Three Missions West
Three women are convinced that all their problems can be solved by moving to California and decide to head out west.
7 Dec. 1954
His Father's Keeper
A teenage boy has to grow up fast and take care of his drunken father.
14 Dec. 1954
The Mural
A priest is helping rebuild a church in France when he recognises the priceless artwork as being stolen.
21 Dec. 1954
Our Son
A television preacher rethinks his priorities after the release of a woman from prison.
28 Dec. 1954
A Mother's Duty
A mother tries to help her daughter overcome her hatred and mistrust of boys.
4 Jan. 1955
The Indiscreet Mrs. Jarvis
Disaster is almost the result when a woman tries to keep her past from her husband.
11 Jan. 1955
Sergeant Sullivan Speaking
A romance develops between a lonely widow and the police sergeant whom she calls on the telephone.
18 Jan. 1955
The Double Life of Barney Peters
A newspaper publisher lacks any human understanding until he is confronted by a young man.
25 Jan. 1955
Not Captain Material
A co-pilot desperately tries to save a passenger's life, with the possibility of risking his chances at being promoted to Captain.
1 Feb. 1955
A wife is deeply upset by her second husband's attempt to mold his stepson in the image of his dead child.
8 Feb. 1955
Mr. Onion
A wife is deeply upset by her second husband's attempt to mold his stepson in the image of his dead child.
15 Feb. 1955
No Place to Live
A poor homeless couple are taken to court for squatting in an empty house.
22 Feb. 1955
Marked for Death
An ex-army officer spends ten years pursuing the former commandant of a Nazi concentration camp.
1 Mar. 1955
Return in Triumph
A man intent on becoming governor must still overcome his memories of his painful and difficult childhood.
8 Mar. 1955
The Poachers
A game warden is not permitted to carry a gun, but still is able to regain his local prestige due to a daring apprehension of two bank robbers.
15 Mar. 1955
No Time for Susan
An awkward teenager blossoms into a lovely young woman.
22 Mar. 1955
The Failure
A big-city newspaperman whose career has been ruined by his addiction to alcohol decides to start all over again with a small-town daily.
29 Mar. 1955
It's Easy to Get Ahead
A man tries to impress his boss and advance in the ranks by forcing out his competitor.
5 Apr. 1955
Not the Marrying Kind
It's only a week before the wedding when the sceptical groom-to-be announces to his startled fiancée that he's "not the marrying kind."
12 Apr. 1955
The Blessing of the Pets
It's the day of the annual Mexican ceremony in which villagers and city folk from all over the country bring their pets to be blessed by the local padre.
19 Apr. 1955
Luxurious Ladies
A handsome European is on a trial assignment as manager of a hotel for wealthy elderly women. He must call upon his whole store of continental tact and charm if he is to turn the stint into a permanent position.
26 Apr. 1955
Bitter Grapes
Tragedy threatens when an older man discovers that he is in love with the girl whom he raised as a foster daughter. She feels duty-bound to marry him.
3 May 1955
The Innocent and the Guilty
A man born and raised in the slums enters the life of crime with the gang he's with until a young woman helps him to leave that life behind and make something of himself.
10 May 1955
Cheese Champion
A former fighter, on the skids for many years, is making an attempt at a new life. A belligerent young fighter seems determined to thwart the older man's efforts.
17 May 1955
Night of Terror
Two ex-Marine buddies meet on a fateful night several years after World War II. Positions have changed now. One man is a desperate criminal, the other the policeman out to capture him.
24 May 1955
A Dream for Jimmy
The scene: Hollywood. Jimmy's walking on air because he's got a date with the prettiest girl in school, a movie actress. His false pride almost ruins things.
31 May 1955
The 99th Day
The family of the sole witness to a killing has been threatened by the murderer's accomplice. A police guard is supposed to protect them until the trial begins.
7 Jun. 1955
Murderer's Wife
A school teacher puts her job at risk when she helps out a young student avoid the path that she once took.
14 Jun. 1955
The Man Who Liked to Kill
After the American Civil War, a man starts life anew in a small Texas town terrorized by a maniacal killer.

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