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Season 1

6 Oct. 1949
Episode #1.3
Sketches features Ed in a restaurant and meeting singer Mel Torme in a record store.
13 Oct. 1949
Mel Torme, Dinah Shore
Wynn performs in a gym setting, Dinah Shore sings "Blues In the Night" under a lamppost at night set, and sings "Tea For Two" while riding Ed's wacky piano bicycle contraption.
20 Oct. 1949
Episode #1.5
Ed pays tribute to vaudeville performer Victor Moore.
24 Nov. 1949
Episode #1.10
Ed visits an art museum and the African jungle.
8 Dec. 1949
Episode #1.12
Highlights include Buster Keaton recreating his battle with molasses from his 1917 film "The Butcher Boy" and Ed performing in a ballet sequence.
15 Dec. 1949
Episode #1.13
Buddy Ebsen visits Ed's pet store in search of an exotic animal and Ed plays a door-to-door salesman who who tries to peddle his wares to Beulah (McDaniel).
24 Dec. 1949
Episode #1.14
Highlights include a silent movie sketch with Lucille Ball portraying actress Theda Bara and Desi Arnaz singing "Babalu".
7 Jan. 1950
Episode #1.16
Ed tries his hand at hosting a cooking show and joins his guest stars in a murder mystery spoof.
21 Jan. 1950
Garry Moore and Lita Baron
Features a skit were Ed plays the owner of a crowded diner.
28 Jan. 1950
Episode #1.19
Highlights include a Western sketch with Ann Sheridan playing a nasty outlaw and Robert Clary sings several tunes.
11 Mar. 1950
Episode #1.25
Ed approaches three CBS network executives (played by the Three Stooges) seeking help to improve his program.
15 Apr. 1950
Episode #1.30
Ed and guest star Vera Vague are featured in a skit where the cruise ship on which they are sailing sinks and they are marooned on a desert island.
6 Jun. 1950
Episode #1.38
Ed's guests include singer Frances Langford, comedy xylophonist Fred Sanborn, British comedian Ben Wrigley, and comic acrobats Dick and Dot Remy. In sketches, Ed plays a sultan with a harem and is the head of a dance school.
15 Jun. 1950
Episode #1.39
Features songs from Georgia Gibbs, a pie-throwing demonstration by Buster Keaton and the antics of The Keystone Kops.

 Season 1 

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