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11 Jan. 1955
Episode #7.9
Berle's guests include horror film star Vincent Price, gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, and buxom blonde comedienne Dagmar.
25 Jan. 1955
Episode #7.10
Berle's guests include singer Eddie Fisher.
8 Feb. 1955
Episode #7.11
Berle's guests include actress Gloria DeHaven.
22 Feb. 1955
Episode #7.12
Berle's guests include opera baritone Robert Merrill.
8 Mar. 1955
Episode #7.13
Berle's guests include Hildy Parks and Elizabeth Patterson. Milton is sleuth Professor Higgins, one of four characters he portrays in this comic mystery. Higgins tries to solve a case with little help from his wife (Parks) and mother-in-law (Patterson).
22 Mar. 1955
Episode #7.14
Berle's guests include actor Jerome Cowan and singer/actress Marie McDonald.
5 Apr. 1955
Episode #7.15
Berle's guests include bawdy burlesque entertainer Sophie Tucker. Berle's secretary Max leads people to believe Milton is broke.
19 Apr. 1955
Episode #7.16
Milton's guests include actress Hildy Parks, singer Gisele MacKenzie, and songwriter Hoagy Carmichael. Professor Higgins, Milton's Latin teacher, has written a song and seeks Berle's help in getting it heard.
3 May 1955
Episode #7.17
Uncle Miltie's guests include Gertrude Berg and Arlene McQuade. Molly Goldberg comes to Berle again for his help. This time, daughter Rosalie wants to become a ballerina.
17 May 1955
Episode #7.18
Berle's guests include singer Bill Hayes.
31 May 1955
Episode #7.19
Milton's scheduled guests include rock 'n roll band Bill Haley and the Comets, tap dance team Condos and Brandow, and singer Johnny Maddox.
14 May 1955
Episode #7.20
The final episode as "The Buick-Berle Show" guests include comedienne Martha Raye, Steve Allen, actress Joan Blondell, singers Johnny Desmond and Alan Dale, regulars Ruth Gilbert, Charlie Applewhite and Arnold Stang, and Art Mooney and his Orchestra. Applewhite, Dale and Desmond sing "Blue Star" and "Play Me Heart and Flowers" while Mooney and Orchestra play "Honey Babe." The finale featuring the whole cast is titled "Alabama Jubilee."
27 Sep. 1955
Episode #8.1
Uncle Miltie's guests include swimmer/actress Esther Williams and Westerns star John Wayne. Williams and Berle do a satire of the movie "Summertime."
18 Oct. 1955
State of Confusion
The regular variety format is replaced this week by an original comedy written by Gore Vidal. It tells the story of a shady bookie and his wife who are forced from Chicago by Cement Jackson. They hit the road, change their names, and settle in a Southwestern state. Eventually, Berle gets himself elected governor and is succeeded in office by his wife. All is well until Jackson tracks the two down and opens up an office next to the governor's mansion
8 Nov. 1955
Episode #8.3
Milton's guests in this color telecast include Kay Thompson, singer Gogi Grant, and The Will Mastin Trio (starring Sammy Davis, Jr.). With Mary Beth Hughes and Casey Adams. Berle plays a dense janitor who swallows a miniature bomb devised by scientists. Grant performs "Suddenly There's a Valley". Milton and Kay do a take-off on the recent Noel Coward/Mary Martin TV special Together with Music. Davis performs "That Old Black Magic" and joins Miltie for the finale where they impersonate great show biz teams. Jerry Lewis makes a cameo to pitch for his MD fund
29 Nov. 1955
Episode #8.4
Comedian Jan Murray fills in for Berle, who fell ill during rehearsals. Guests include Gale Storm, accordionist Dick Contino, Vic Damone, and Ben Blue. Jan's monologues include jokes about his move to the suburbs. Gale sings "I Hear You Knockin'" and Vic does "Autumn Leaves." Blue does a pantomime as a man in a park making friends with a young woman. Shown is a black-and-white dramatic sketch from the 9/29/1953 episode of "The Buick-Berle Show" featuring Frank Sinatra and Tallulah Bankhead.
20 Dec. 1955
Episode #8.5
In color from Hollywood, Miltie welcomes Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, singers The Four Lads, dancers The Dunhills, and comedian George Jessel in a holiday show.

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