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Season 6

29 Sep. 1953
Episode #6.1
Frank Sinatra and Tallulah Bankhead are Milton's guest stars in the rechristened "Buick-Berle Show." Miltie reads that Bankhead is producing a Broadway play and begins scheming to take over as star from Sinatra. Also appearing are Milton Frome and Jack Collins. The singing "men of Texaco" make a cameo at the top of the show.
6 Oct. 1953
Episode #6.2
Berle's guests include actor Edward G. Robinson, singer Eddie Fisher, comic actors Sid Raymond, Ralph Hertz, and Tony Canzoneri, showgirls/models Mildred Hughes and Kitty Carr, Lucky Greene, Miss New York City 1953 Joan Kaible, and Sandra Berle. After running into Fisher in a record store and watching how his fans fawn over him, Milton wants to write and record his own hit record. When he's refused by all the record labels, Miltie asks for help from tough guy Robinson.
13 Oct. 1953
Episode #6.3
Berle's guests include actor Jackie Cooper, singer Eddie Fisher, and comedienne Dagmar. Milton demonstrates the trials and tribulations of hosting a variety television show, complete with unoriginal staff, dim-witted crew, squabbling guest-stars - as well as the star who's convinced that his writers aren't giving him enough jokes. The story is told Dragnet-style, complete with Dragnet musical themes and stingers.
27 Oct. 1953
Episode #6.4
Berle's scheduled guests are actor Paul Douglas, opera singer Marguerite Piazza with regular Jack Collins.
3 Nov. 1953
Episode #6.5
Berle's guests include Wally Cox from Mister Peepers (1952) and Tallulah Bankhead. Mr. Peepers invites Berle and Bankhead to perform at his school's fall festival. Berle sings "From Rags to Riches" while Bankhead does a dramatic reading of Dorothy Parker's "The Waltz." Miltie tries to get rid of his fawning assistant Max by getting her to date Peepers.
10 Nov. 1953
Episode #6.6
Berle's guests are comedienne Martha Raye and actor John Payne, with regulars Ruth Gilbert, Arnold Stang and Milton Frome. Berle and Raye each get invited to a big NBC party and each has trouble finding a date. The two plan to go together until John Payne asks Martha out. Not wanting to leave Miltie going stag, she arranges a date for him; it's the last person he'd ever want to spend the evening with.
24 Nov. 1953
Episode #6.7
Berle's guests are actor George Raft, opera singer Patrice Munsel and comedian Steve Allen. Milton is tired of the format of his show, so he decides the episode should have a gangsters and cops-and-robbers theme.
1 Dec. 1953
Episode #6.8
Berle's guests include Jack Webb, Lisa Kirk, and Sid Caesar. With Charlie Applewhite, Ruth Gilbert, Arnold Stang, and Jack Collins. In this Dragnet (1951) spoof, Caesar accuses Miltie of swiping his material and calls the cops. The officer investigating the case is Sgt. Joe Friday (Webb). Berle dreams he's on trial for stealing in the court of Judge Arnold Stang. He's found guilty, but Sgt. Friday isn't through with his investigation. Berle and Kirk sing "Still Be Mine" and "From This Moment On." Applewhite does "I Love Paris."
8 Dec. 1953
Carol Channing, Peter Lawford, Maria Riva
Berle's guests are actor Peter Lawford, singer/actress Carol Channing, and actress Maria Riva. Milton invites his cast, crew and guest stars to a party he's throwing for himself, but everyone seems to have already made other plans.
5 Jan. 1954
Martha Raye, Eddie Cantor, Mike Mazurki
Milton's guests are comedienne Martha Raye and actor Mike Mazurki.
12 Jan. 1954
Basil Rathbone, Mickey Spillane, Dagmar
Berle's guests this week are Basil Rathbone, comedienne Dagmar, author Mickey Spillane, Walter Greaza as "The Chief" from Treasury Men in Action (1950), Latin vocalist Jose Duval, and vocal group The Hilltoppers. The search is on for a new 1954 Buick that has disappeared from the stage.
19 Jan. 1954
Gloria Swanson, Don Ameche
Berle's guests are film stars Gloria Swanson and Don Ameche.
2 Feb. 1954
Jane Froman
Berle's guests include singer Jane Froman. Berle is talked into buying a nightclub, unaware that there's an illegal casino being run in the back. Gangsters and gamblers come and go through the nightclub in various disguises. The club acts as a setting for numerous musical numbers during the episode.
9 Feb. 1954
Paul Douglas, Jan Sterling
The Buick-Berle Show Berle's guests are actor Paul Douglas and actress Jan Sterling. The real-life married couple Sterling and Dougas are having a spat. It's up to Berle to get them to kiss and make up.
23 Feb. 1954
Kay Thompson
Milton's guest is musical comedy star Kaye Thompson. With Jack Collins, Charlie Applewhite, Arnold Stang, and Ruth Gilbert. Berle, fed up with his disrespectful staff, fires the whole bunch and replaces them with the show's new choreographer, Kay Thompson. Thompson's dating the sponsor's rep who decides Kay can also star. Now show-less, Berle visits Max's home to woo her back to his side and finds her family members are bigger goof-balls than she is. Thompson performs "I Won't Dance," "I Love a Violin," and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." Applewhite sings "My ...
2 Mar. 1954
Mickey Rooney, Eileen Barton
Berle's guests are Mickey Rooney and singer Eileen Barton. Rooney is hired by Berle to be his understudy.
9 Mar. 1954
Jack Carson, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
Berle's guests are Eddie "Rochester" Anderson from The Jack Benny Program (1950) and comedian Jack Carson. Uncle Miltie's having problems with his taxes.
23 Mar. 1954
Bob Cummings, Gertrude Berg
Berle's guests this week are Gertrude Berg and Arlene McQuade from TV's The Goldbergs (1949), and comic actor Bob Cummings. Molly's daughter Rosalie wants to move away and joining the theater. It's up to Berle and Cummings to persuade the star-struck teen that show biz isn't all it's cracked up to be
30 Mar. 1954
The Will Mastin Trio featuring Sammy Davis, Jr., Sammy Renick
Milton's guests include The Will Mastin Trio (starring Sammy Davis, Jr.), Charlie Applewhite, and jockey Sam Renick, plus regulars Arnold Stang and Ruth Gilbert. With the start of racing season, Berle buys a horse and names it after himself, "Mr. Television," and enters it in a race. In the process, he has a run-in with gangsters. The Will Maston Trio perform a song and dance segment with Sammy doing impressions of vocalists Nat "King" Cole, Billy Eckstine, and Vaughn Monroe.
6 Apr. 1954
Judith Anderson, Cyril Ritchard, Georgia Gibbs
Berle's guests this week are actress Judith Anderson, actor Cyril Ritchard and singer Georgia Gibbs.
20 Apr. 1954
Steve Allen, Janet Blair, Ezzard Charles
Berle's guests include Steve Allen, singer Janet Blair, heavyweight boxer Ezzard Charles, and regulars Arnold Stang, Milton Frome and Ruth Gilbert. Horsing around, Berle knocks out Charles and now must fight him for real in the ring.
27 Apr. 1954
Episode #6.22
Berle's guests include actor Jack Palance and singers Vaughn Monroe and Monica Lewis. In a western town, Miltie opens a nightclub. He receives threats from rival club owner Jack Palance.
4 May 1954
Episode #6.23
Berle's guests include Vivian Vance and William Frawley from I Love Lucy (1951) and singer/actress Janet Blair. Miltie rents a new rehearsal hall from landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz.
18 May 1954
Phil Harris, Eileen Barton, Owen McGiveney
Berle's guests include singer Eileen Barton, quick-change performer Owen McGiveney and comic actor/singer Phil Harris. While doing this show in Hollywood, Berle asks Harris to take him to all the swinging night spots.
25 May 1954
Episode #6.25
Berle's guests include movie tough-guy George Raft and actress Ann Sheridan. Berle asks Ann Sheridan to be the co-star in his new movie. Raft agrees to help by sending over a director with very odd ideas about making films.
8 Jun. 1954
Episode #6.26
Guests appearing this week include Bob Hope, dancer Ray Bolger and vocalist Tony Martin.
20 Apr. 1954
Episode #6.30
Berle's guests include Steve Allen, singer/actress Janet Blair, heavyweight boxer Ezzard Charles, with Arnold Stang, Milton Frome and Ruth Gilbert.

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