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Season 2

20 Sep. 1949
Episode #2.1
Milton's guests for the season premiere include Duke Ellington, actress June Havoc, comic actor Phil Silvers, Howdy Doody, "Buffalo Bob" Smith and Robert Keeshan, comic actor Bert "Mad Russian" Gordon, and the Stewart Morgan Dancers. Berle opens the show with a huge banner reading "Welcome Back, Mr. Television!" Ellington performs a medley of his hits at the piano. Havoc sings and clowns with Berle playing a Kentucky colonel. In a take-off of "The Howdy Doody Show," Berle and guests harass Buffalo Bob as members of the peanut gallery.
27 Sep. 1949
Episode #2.2
Uncle Miltie welcomes: horror star Bela Lugosi, actress Billie Burke, dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, baseball legend Jackie Robinson, the Maxellos, and a cameo by comedy team Olsen and Johnson. Lugosi appears in a sketch trying to sell a house to a frightened Berle; Robinson dances and chats briefly with Berle and Robinson; Burke hosts a recreation of the famous Ziegfeld Follies featuring Robinson and impressions of W.C. Fields and the like with Berle as Eddie Cantor.
4 Oct. 1949
Episode #2.3
Berle's guests include actor Pat O'Brien, trampoline act the Paul and Paulette Trio, tap dancers Steve Condos and Jerry Brandow, juggler Trixie, and comic actress Beatrice Kay. Beatrice and Trixie appear in a picnic sketch based on "Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee." Berle and O'Brien do a takeoff on the Gallagher and Shean vaudeville act.
11 Oct. 1949
Episode #2.4
Berle's guests include comic actor Hugh Herbert, dancers the Blackburn Twins, Janet Blair, and comic dancer Will Mahoney. Berle opens the show dressed as Christopher Columbus. Herbert, Blair and Berle do a Caesar, Marc Antony, and Cleopatra sketch. Blair and the Blackburn Twins do vaudeville numbers. Mahoney tap dances on a xylophone.
18 Oct. 1949
Episode #2.5
Uncle Miltie's guests include Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Broadway singer Ethel Merman, unicycle act the Goetschis, adagio team The Zoris, child performer Verna Raymond, the Magid Triplets, bass fiddler Chuck Roe, champion trick roper Junior Eskew, and glamorous dance group The Wally Wanger Girls. In a stand-up bit, Berle tries to mediate an argument between Martin and Lewis and gets assaulted in the process. Milton and Jerry conduct the band while Dean tries to sing. The three do a Buck Rogers-type look at the future. Berle, Martin, Lewis, Merman, Raymond, Magids ...
25 Oct. 1949
Episode #2.6
Berle's guests are singer Johnny Johnston, comedienne Nancy Walker, song and dance trio Buster Shaver, Olive (Shaver) and George (Shaver), singer/actress Kathryn Grayson, Bert Gordon, and Chinese acrobats Wong Troupe. In a sketch, Berle is Sitting Bull with Walker as Princess Leita and Bert Gordon as her father. Walker and Berle sing and dance "Pass the Peace Pipe." Milton helps a late-arriving audience member (Grayson) find a seat. Berle interviews Gordon portraying an opera coach. Nancy Walker performs a comedy song "Irving." Buster Shaver, Olive and George sing "...
1 Nov. 1949
Episode #2.7
Milton's scheduled guests actor Dane Clark, comedian Ben Blue, and dancers Pat Rooney, Sr. and Pat Rooney, Jr.
8 Nov. 1949
Episode #2.8
Berle's guests include actor Arthur Treacher, comedy actress Imogene Coca, vaudeville comic Benny Fields, puppeteer Frank Paris, dancers the Clark Brothers, ballroom dance team Adam and June Di Gatanos, Rosie the Bear, and comedian Henny Youngman. Berle, dressed as a cannibal, sings "I've Got You Under My Skin." Treacher gives Berle a diction lesson and Youngman joins the two for a number. Fields sings "Baby Face." Coca impersonates movie glamor queens. Fields and Berle do a sketch about old time New York with a skating bear.
15 Nov. 1949
Episode #2.9
Miltie's guests include: singer/actor Allan Jones and his wife actress Irene Hervey, actress Diosa Costello, actor Don Ameche, TV wrestling host Dennis James, and Ed Hanley. "Beautiful Berle" wrestles the "Mighty Karadajian" with Dennis James doing play-by-play.
22 Nov. 1949
Episode #2.10
Berle's scheduled guests include songwriter Johnny Mercer, Max "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom, actress/singer Ella Logan, dancing trio the Dunhills, and singer Phil Regan.
29 Nov. 1949
Episode #2.11
Milton Berle's guests this week include comic actor Edward Everett Horton, jugglers the Pieros, Mazzone-Abbott Dancers, singer Mary Small, and Phil Regan.
6 Dec. 1949
Episode #2.12
Uncle Miltie's guests include comic actor Guy Kibbee, comedian Rex Raymer, opera singer Robert Merrill, the Blackburn Twins, comic acrobatic team Coco, Steve and Eddie, harmonica players Borrah Minevitch's Rascals with Johnny Puleo, and actress Janet Blair. Berle stars with Blair in a play he wrote, "One Ham's Family," with Milton playing all the male roles; the quick costume changes can't keep up with the script. Merrill performs the Toreador song. Raymer's act of musical impressions was interrupted by Berle because time had run out and the show was over.
13 Dec. 1949
Episode #2.13
Comic Hank Ladd guest hosts for the vacationing Berle. His scheduled guests include: comic performer Bert Lahr, Gil Maison and his dog act, vocal group The Ink Spots, Stan Cavanaugh, comedy acrobatic act the Acromaniacs, singer Mary Hatcher, and comedienne Connie Sawyer. The Ink Spots perform "If I Didn't Care."
20 Dec. 1949
Guest Host: Hank Ladd, Guest Stars: Perry Como, Fatso Marco, Buck & Bubbles, Grace and Paul Hartman
Berle's guest host again this week is Hank Ladd. Guests: singer Perry Como, acrobatic dance team Buck and Bubbles, and comedy dance team Paul and Grace Hartman. The show concludes with Como and a choir performing "The Lord's Prayer" and "Silent Night."
27 Dec. 1949
Episode #2.15
Milton Berle returns from his two week Florida vacation. His guests include singer/dancer Harry Richman, actor Boris Karloff, acrobats The Bogginos, and trumpeter Leonard Sues.
3 Jan. 1950
Episode #2.16
Berle starts the new year with guests including: actor John Boles, singer/songwriting team Noble Sissel and Eubie Blake, banjo player Eddie Peabody, vaudeville comedy team O'Donnell and Blair, dancers the Berry Brothers, and singer Patrice Munsel.
10 Jan. 1950
Episode #2.17
Berle's scheduled guests this week include: comedians Henny Youngman and Morey Amsterdam, singer/actress Lisa Kirk, acrobatic tumblers The Morrocans, comedy team The Arnaut Brothers, O'Connell and Blair, and singer Alan Dale. Kirk performs "The Lady is a Tramp," then clowns with Berle on "Charlie My Boy."
17 Jan. 1950
Burgess Meredith, Dinah Shore, Ray McDonald, Peggy Ryan
Miltie's guests this week include singer Dinah Shore, actor Burgess Meredith, comic actor Arnold Stang, and dancers Ray McDonald and Peggy Ryan.
24 Jan. 1950
Episode #2.19
Milton's scheduled guests include singer Margaret Whiting, Arnold Stang, dance team Cole and Atkins, unicycle act Lebrac and Bernice, and actor Cesar Romero.
31 Jan. 1950
Episode #2.20
Milton Berle's scheduled guests include Jack Smith, acrobats The Christianis, from radio the Quiz Kids, comic performers Arnold Stang and Pert Kelton, actor Franchot Tone, and dancer Hal LeRoy.
17 Feb. 1950
Episode #2.21
Milton's scheduled guests this week include country singer Eddy Arnold, singer Pearl Bailey and vaudeville performer Ted Lewis. Lewis sings "When My Baby Smiles at Me."
14 Feb. 1950
Episode #2.22
Berle's guests include vaudeville performer/songwriter Joe Howard, musical comedy act the Slate Brothers, dancer who lifts furniture with his mouth Bobby "Tables" Davis, child musician "Sugar Chile" Robinson, and comic/singer Gracie Fields.
21 Feb. 1950
Episode #2.23
Milton Berle's scheduled guests include actor Robert Alda, vaudevillian/actor James Barton, and composer W.C. Handy.
28 Feb. 1950
Episode #2.24
Berle's scheduled guests include actor Victor Jory, singer Fran Warren, acrobats The Charlivels, singer Rudy Vallee, and comic Dick Berne.
7 Mar. 1950
Episode #2.25
Guest host Hank Ladd fills in as host this week. His guests include ventriloquist Paul Winchell, singer Pearl Bailey, comic actor Bert Lahr, and comic actor Arnold Stang.
14 Mar. 1950
Episode #2.26
Comedian Georgie Price fills in for Berle as host this week. His scheduled guests include: singer/dancer Bobby Van, singer/actress Louise Kirtland, Adrian and Charlie, and comic actor Jack Gilford, comic performer Carl Reiner, and actress June Havoc.
21 Mar. 1950
Episode #2.27
Berle's scheduled guests this week include actor Lee Tracy, singer/actress Patrice Munsel, composer Hoagy Carmichael, dancers Anthony, Allen and Hodge, and harmonica player Richard Himber.
28 Mar. 1950
Episode #2.28
Uncle Miltie's guests this week include: composer Sammy Cahn, actor Bruce Cabot, comic acrobats Dick and Dot Remy (The Remys), and comic actor Phil Silvers. In one sketch, Berle plays Cleopatra with Cabot as Julius Ceasar. In a stand-up bit, Silvers gives Berle hands-on singing lessons.
4 Apr. 1950
Episode #2.29
Berle's scheduled guest list this week includes the Lionel Hampton Orchestra; dancer Gloria Gilbert; dance team Stump and Stumpy; and comic actress Beatrice Kaye.
11 Apr. 1950
Episode #2.30
Milton Berle's scheduled guests include: entertainer Ken Murray, Broadway producer George White of Broadway's George White's Scandals, trumpeter Raphael Mendez, and dancer Evelyn Farney.
18 Apr. 1950
Episode #2.31
Berle's scheduled guests include: singer/actress Mitzi Green, and singer/actor Romo Vincent.
25 Apr. 1950
Episode #2.32
Berle's scheduled guests this week include: vaudevillian Benny Fields, singer Constance Moore, and singer/actor Robert Alda.
2 May 1950
Episode #2.33
Uncle Miltie's scheduled guests include: actor Robert Alda, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard (The Three Stooges), Rose Marie, bicycle act the Victoria Troupe, singer Morton Downey, vocalist Jane Froman, Max "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom, child vocalist Herbert Coleman, and The Lee Sherman Dancers. The Three Stooges interrupt Berle and do their famous three watches routine, and in a sketch, French Foreign Legion commander Alda has to contend with his Stooge soldiers.
9 May 1950
Episode #2.34
This week Milton's scheduled guests include: comedian Jan Murray, singer Jane Froman, singer Herbert Coleman, dance team Lane and Claire, the Lee Sherman Dancers, and boxer/comic actor "Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom.
16 May 1950
Episode #2.35
Milton Berle stars. Allen Roth leads the orchestra.
23 May 1950
Episode #2.36
"Mr. Television" welcomes guests including: dancers Peg Leg Bates and Gus Van, and comedy team Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
30 May 1950
Episode #2.37
Berle's guests this week include comedienne Martha Raye, acrobatic team The Seven Marvels, tough-guy actor Mike Mazurki, dancer Marge Banks, harmonica player Stan Fisher, and opera star Robert Merrill. Berle, Raye and Mazurki rehash a Western saloon sketch from earlier in the season. Merrill sings "Old Man River." Dancer Marge Banks opens a take-off of ballet by Berle and Raye called "Dying Swan." In the finale, all impersonate Charlie Chaplain.
6 Jun. 1950
Episode #2.38
Milton's scheduled guests include: comedienne Martha Raye.
13 Jun. 1950
Episode #2.39
Milton's guests are comedy team Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, singer Gertrude Niesen, actor Robert Alda, tap dancer Betty Bruce, exotic dancer Lou Wills, Jr., M&L's band leader Dick Stabile, and pitchman Sid Stone. In a sketch, Berle visits his sponsor (played by Alda) with writers Martin and Lewis. Niesen sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's best Friend." The finale features famous showbiz teams with Alda and Niesen as Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes. and Berle and Lewis as Edgar Bergan and Charlie McCarthy.

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