House of Frankenstein (1944) Poster

Boris Karloff: Doctor Niemann



  • Dr. Gustav Niemann : Fifteen thousand Marks. A thousand for every year I spent in a stinking, slimy dungeon. You bargain poorly, Herr Ulman.

    Ullman : Don't kill me!

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Kill my trusted old assistant? Why, no. I'm going to repay you for betraying me; I'm going to give that brain of yours a new home in the skull of the Frankenstein monster. As for you Strauss, I'm going to give you the brain of the wolfman so that all your waking hours will be spent in untold agony awaiting the full of the moon... which will change you into a werewolf.

  • Daniel : Master.

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Yes?

    Daniel : Now that I have helped you with Strauss and Ullman, will you give Talbot's body to me?

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : What?

    Daniel : He's big. He's strong.

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Talbot's body is the perfect place for the monster's brain that I will add to and subtract from in my experiments.

    Daniel : Master, you made me a promise.

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : No! You think I'd wreck the work of a lifetime because you're in love with a, a Gypsy girl?

    Daniel : I've killed four men for you!

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Do as I say or I'll never help you.

  • Daniel : Could Frankenstein have made me like other men?

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : He gave life to a body that he made from parts of other bodies that had died. Yes, Daniel, he could have made you like other men.

  • [first lines] 

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Now will you give me my chalk?

  • [last lines] 

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : Don't go this way. Quicksands! Quicksands! Not this way. Quicksands! Not that way. Quicksands! Quicksands!

  • Dr. Gustav Niemann : Do you doubt me?

    Professor Bruno Lampini : It's a doubting world, kind sir!

  • Lawrence Talbot : No earthly power can help those that are marked by the sign of the pentagram.

    Dr. Gustav Niemann : You came here to ask Frankenstein for help, didn't you?

    Lawrence Talbot : Yes, but I was too late. He was dead. I wanted to die too.

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