Cat People (1942) Poster


Tom Conway: Dr. Louis Judd



  • Irena Dubrovna : I don't feel you can help me. You're very wise, you know a great deal, yet when you speak of the soul, you mean the mind, and it is not my mind that is troubled.

    Dr. Louis Judd : What a clever girl. All the psychologists have tried for years to find that subtle difference between mind and soul, and you've found it.

  • Irena Dubrovna : What should I tell my husband? Naturally, he's anxious to have some word.

    Dr. Louis Judd : What does one tell a husband? One tells him nothing.

  • Dr. Louis Judd : Why would she wish to harm you?

    Alice Moore : Because I'm in love with her husband.

    Dr. Louis Judd : Oh, my dear Miss Moore, this story grows more and more charming.

  • Dr. Louis Judd : You were saying, the cats.

    Irena Dubrovna : They torment me. I wake in the night and the trail of their feet whispers in my brain. I have no peace. For they are in me.

  • Dr. Louis Judd : You told me of your village and the people and their strange beliefs.

    Irena Dubrovna : I'm so ashamed. It must seem so childish.

    Dr. Louis Judd : And the Cat Women of your village, too. You told me of them. Women who in jealousy or anger, in want of their own corrupt passions, can change into great cats, like panthers. And if one of these women were to fall in love and if a lover were to kiss her, take her into his embrace, she would be driven by her own evil to kill him. That's what you believe and fear, isn't it?

  • Dr. Louis Judd : There is in some cases a psychic need to loose evil upon the world. And with all of us carry within us a desire for death. You fear the panther, yet you're drawn to him, again and again. Couldn't you turn to him as an instrument of death?

  • Dr. Louis Judd : I'm not afraid of you. I take you in my arms. So little. So soft. So warm. Perfume in your hair, your body. Don't be afraid of me.

  • Dr. Louis Judd : You resist temptation admirably.

  • Dr. Louis Judd : Even as fog continues to lie in the valleys, so does ancient sin cling to the low places, the depressions in the world consciousness.

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