Blitz Wolf (1942) Poster


Alternate Versions

There were some changes to the version airing now sporadically on the show "Toonheads." The two changes to the original version were:
  • The "No Dogs Allowed" sign, which had "Dogs" crossed off and was replaced with "Japs" on the smart pig's house now has "Japs" digitally removed.
  • A scene that comes just after the firing of the big cannon that shows the shell hitting and sinking Tokyo and being replaced by a sign saying "Doolittle Dood It!" and a red, white, and blue skyline was cut.
When this cartoon aired on TBS, the special end title card ("The End...of Adolf. If you'll buy a stamp or bond - We'll skin that skunk across the pond") was replaced by an ordinary title card used for MGM cartoons of the day.

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