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Marvel's The Defenders: spoiler-free review

Mike Cecchini Aug 18, 2017

The Defenders hit Netflix on August 18, and it looks like Marvel's Netflix shows are back on track, say our Us chums...

This review is based on the first four episodes. It contains No spoilers at all!

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If you had any worries at all that Marvel's assorted Netflix series were losing their way a little bit, the first four episodes of The Defenders should put those fears to rest. The Defenders is only eight episodes, while all four previous Marvel Netflix shows clocked in at thirteen each. There's been ongoing debate about whether these shows would be better served with runs of ten episodes as opposed to thirteen, and even the very best of them (a few episodes aside, they have yet to better
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Horror Highlights: The Basement, Show Pieces on Shudder, Ghosts Of Shepherdstown, ScareLA 2017, The Ball Indiegogo Campaign

What horrors lurk within The Basement? You'll find out soon enough, as Breaking Glass Pictures acquired North American rights and set a September home media release date for the Hungarian horror film. Also in today's Horror Highlights are details on Show Pieces now being on Shudder, info on Ghosts of Shepherdstown Season 2, a ScareLA 2017 announcement, and the Indiegogo campaign for the short film The Ball.

The Basement: Press Release: "Philadelphia, Pa, June 14, 2017--Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired North American rights to the Hungarian occultist horror feature The Basement. Breaking Glass acquired North American rights to the film in June in a deal negotiated between Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff and Galen Christy of High Octane Pictures. The film will be released on DVD/VOD on September 5, 2017.

Chosen as one of the “21 Horror Movies That Will Make You Scream in 2017” (Boom Howdy), The Basement stars Caroline Boulton (Hercules, ‘Dr. Who’), Richard Rifkin (The Martian,
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Exclusive: Paris Hilton Hints at Engagement to Chris Zylka: 'I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life' With Him

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka are getting serious!

Et's Lauren Zima caught up with the cute couple at the Race to Erase Ms Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles on Friday, where they opened up about a possible proposal after Hilton arrived with a ring on that finger.

Exclusive: Chris Zylka Gushes About His Perfect 'Soulmate' Paris Hilton: 'I'm the Happiest I Have Ever Been'

"This is actually a gift from my friend, Rosalina," Hilton explained, before her beau added that the pair are "not yet" engaged.

"You'll find out," Zylka teased.

"[We're] soulmates, for sure," Hilton gushed. "100 percent."

"You wake up with a smile and you fall asleep with a smile," Zylka said of life with his ladylove.

"[Being soulmates is] just being best friends and finally finding someone that I love and trust and know that I want to spend the rest of my life with," the former reality star added. "It's the best
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John Boyega Reveals Frustrating Star Wars 8 Scenes

John Boyega Reveals Frustrating Star Wars 8 Scenes
The bad news is that we still have to wait about nine months for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to hit theaters. The good news is that Disney and Lucasfilm are going to have to start marketing the movie soon, so we'll be learning more about the movie in the near future. Today we at least get a little something from John Boyega, who has revealed via a gift from director Rian Johnson just how complex and technical some of the dialogue in Star Wars 8 is going to be.

The 24-year-old actor, who will be reprising his role as Finn in The Last Jedi, recently took to Instagram to share a picture of something Rian Johnson sent him to commemorate his frustrations during filming. Apparently, the dialogue in this new Star Wars movie is going to be very technical and will deeply embrace the sci-fi lingo that the movies are known for.
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Emmy Rossum Reveals Designer of Her Wedding Dress

Emmy Rossum Reveals Designer of Her Wedding Dress
Emmy Rossum said yes to the dress! The Shameless star revealed to E! News exclusively that she tapped renowned designer Carolina Herrera to create what is sure to be a most stunning gown.  "You'll find out tonight," the bride-to-be initially teased at An Evening Honoring Carolina Herrera in New York City Tuesday evening, before adding, "Yeah, she'll be making it. That's all I'll say!"  Emmy said, "Yes!" to Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail in August 2015, and after shooting down marriage speculation over the summer, it looks like the actress and her leading man are closer than ever to the big day! And given...
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Celebrity Sparklers! The 11 Best Engagement Rings of 2016

Celebrity Sparklers! The 11 Best Engagement Rings of 2016
Tis the season... for engagements!

With the holidays fast approaching, it's only a matter of time before our Instagram feeds flood once again with sparkly baubles and shiny new fiances. But first, let's not forget all the gorgeous celebrity engagement rings that came in 2016. From understated elegance to over-the-top glamour, stars said "yes" to a wide range of stunners this year!

Pics: The Biggest and Best Celebrity Engagement Rings -- By the Numbers 


Russell Wilson popped the question to Ciara with a megawatt 16-carat ring on the romantic beaches of the Seychelles in March. The couple didn't stay engaged for long, tying the knot in July at a stunning castle in England. By October, the couple announced that they are expecting!Talk about a banner year. 

Mariah Carey

Leave it to Mariah Carey to have the biggest rock on this list, though her love story may not have ended as happily. Mimi accepted
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Zendaya on 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' diversity: 'you’re just going to have to get over it'

  • Hitfix
Zendaya on 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' diversity: 'you’re just going to have to get over it'
Spider-Man: Homecoming, directed by Jon Watts, is Marvel's highly-anticipated take on the famous web slinger. We're still a ways off from release, but the actors are already being pressed for details. Zendaya is the most recent. She has a lot to say about her character but is still keeping tight-lipped on the most contentious aspect. Just this week Kevin Feige confirmed the previously cast Michael Keaton was indeed playing the villain Vulture. Tom Holland recently revealed he's signed on for three Spider-Man solo movies and three appearances in other McU films (one of each is already done). But we don't know about their plans for Zendaya. When first cast in the Marvel/Sony Pictures team-up, they were calling her character "Michelle," which absolutely seemed like a code name. A few months later, reports started surfacing that she was going to be playing the famous Mary Jane Watson, aka Mj. The
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Watch Family Guy Online: Season 15 Episode 1

Did Stewie and Brian's band last long?

You'll find out the answer to that on Family Guy Season 15 Episode 1 when the two of them created the next big band, but one of the members threatened to ruin the whole group.

Watch Family Guy Season 15 Episode 1 Online

Meanwhile on this hilarious comedy series, Peter and Lois ordered Chris to get a job, but he got one over on them when he managed Quagmire's sex life. 

Use the video above to watch Family Guy online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the Griffin family. 
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Watch NCIS Online: Season 14 Episode 1

How did the new additions to the team fit in?

You'll find out the answer to that on NCIS Season 14 Episode 1 when the team investigated a deadly car explosion that had a mysterious link to an NCIS special agent who disappeared 6 months earlier during an undercover assignment.

Watch NCIS Season 14 Episode 1 Online

Meanwhile on this addictive drama series, Gibbs reeled in special agent Alexandra Quinn to shadow the team after rejecting 8 agents she sent him. 

Use the video above to watch NCIS online to get up to speed with the latest drama. 
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Watch Jill & Jessa Counting On Online: Season 3 Episode 5

Why did Jeremy make a secret trip to Arkansas?

You'll find out the answer to that on Jill & Jessa Counting On Season 3 Episode 5 when he and Ben looked for something that surprised Jinger to the core.

Watch Jill & Jessa Counting On Season 3 Episode 5 Online

Meanwhile on this addictive reality series, Jessa and Ben gave their rapper friend, Flame, a tasted of the Duggar lifestyle, but what did he think of it?

Use the video above to watch Jill & Jessa Counting On online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the girls and their partners. 
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Greg Nicotero Q&A from Halloween Horror Nights’ Media Event at Universal Orlando

  • DailyDead
Daily Dead was invited to check out Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights this past weekend, and as part of the media event, Greg Nicotero took the stage to talk about his experience with The Walking Dead maze. Here's a recap of his Q&A, which also includes reflections on favorite moments from his career, not being able to say anything about The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere episode, and much more:

Greg Nicotero talked about the connection horror fans have to iconic locations from their favorite movie or show:

"It's one thing to see it on the screen, but being a fan, I've gone to Martha's Vineyard to see where they shot Jaws, and I've stood at the bottom of the steps in Georgetown where Father Merrin [stood in The Exorcist]. There's something about this genre that solicits that kind of connection.

The reason people go to conventions and watch these shows over and over
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Watch Power Online: Season 3 Episode 5

Did Tommy manage to find the person who tried to murder him?

You'll find out the answer to that on Power Season 3 Episode 5 when he made it clear he was out for blood.

Watch Power Season 3 Episode 5 Online

Meanwhile on this addictive drama, Proctor brought a new challenge to the surface for Ghost, but what was he hiding?

Also, Greg tried to get Ruiz to give up Ghost, but Angela tried to keep them away. 

Use the video above to watch Power online to get up to speed with the latest drama on this Starz series. 
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Watch Bachelor in Paradise Online: Season 3 Episode 2

Which bachelor was forced to exit the show early?

You'll find out the answer to that question on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 2. The individual also insulted host, Chris Harrison on his way out, but who got the last laugh?

Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 2 Online

Back at the house, everyone celebrated the departure as they got back on their quest to find love, but was another argument just waiting to happen?

Use the video above to watch Bachelor in Paradise online to get up to speed with the latest drama for these people looking for a second shot at love.
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Watch Royal Pains Online: Season 8 Episode 7

Was Paige really pregnant?

You'll find out the answer to that on Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 7 as the couple hoped to find that they were about to become parents.

Watch Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 7 Online

Meanwhile on this addictive drama, Hank helped a theater legend who was experiencing confusion and memory loss, but what was causing this illness?

Also, Eddie and Evan reconciled before the ceremony, but what did it take for it to happen?

Use the video above to watch Royal Pains online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the doctors.
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3 Tips For Picking a First-Dance Song

  • BuzzSugar
If you're wedding planning, we've got plenty of help for you when it comes to music. There's a guide to the songs you have to pick out, and perhaps one of the most important tunes to decide on is for the first dance. We have over 100 suggestions for the first twirl you'll take as a married couple, but there are other things to consider when picking your first-dance song. Here are the three things you should do when making this decision. 1. Dance to It Sounds simple, but it's easy to choose your song and assume it's perfect because you love it, but your song does have to be the right tempo. Is it too fast? Is it too slow? You'll find out if it feels right to dance to by taking a practice run first. Test audience optional. 2. Decide What Vibe You Want In this day and age, no one
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'Grey's Anatomy': Sarah Drew Was 'Completely Shocked' by April's Big Twist

Oh, Japril fans. How are you feeling after "Grey's Anatomy" put your hearts through the wringer? In last night's Season 12, Episode 11, "Unbreak My Heart," Jackson (Jesse Williams) presented April (Sarah Drew) with divorce papers and, after a walk down memory lane, she signed. And then April revealed, at least to us, that she's pregnant. So do we cheer, cry, both?

Sarah Drew gave some interviews about April's big reveal, and it sounds like there's definitely hope for Japril fans, even if the actress herself was thrown by this new baby twist.

TV Guide asked Sarah for her reaction to April's pregnancy news. "I was completely shocked when I read that in the script," Sarah said. "I was like, oh my gosh. But I loved it. It was this beacon of hope that we could cling onto. So, I love it. I had no idea it was coming, and I'm so glad that it did.
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"Agent Carter" Producers On Zero Matter

ABC's "Agent Carter" returned for a second season this week and executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have spoken about the two-part premiere's shocking ending which ties into Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange" movie.

Spoilers Ahead

The premiere's ending saw the handsome and charming scientist Jason Wilkes (Reggie Austin), a potential love interest for Peggy, go M.I.A. following an explosion involving zero matter (the 'Dark Force' from the "Doctor Strange" universe).

Showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have spoken with THR about incorporating the 'Strange' mythology into this season. Fazekas says:

"We knew that we had wanted to get into a little bit more of the Marvel universe as far as having superpowers. The cool thing about darkforce when you look into it is, in the comic book universe, it's this very versatile thing. It can be a gas, a solid, a liquid. It gives people superpowers, it makes people villains.
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Watch: First Teaser For David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' Season 3

Clearly, Showtime is taking a long game approach to their revival of "Twin Peaks." It'll be over a year until any episodes land on the network, yet they want to get the excitement going very, very early as they've got a holiday treat with the first teaser for Season 3. Read More: Retrospective: The Films Of David Lynch Nope, you won't find any substantial footage or details revealed, rather, it's focused on setting a tone of moody nostalgia as die hard David Lynch fans get their pie and coffee ready for the return of the cult series. Lynch and company are trying to keep as much as possible under wraps, but we do know many of the original cast members are back for the story, which picks up 25 years after the events in the original run. Can it even live up to expectations? You'll find out in 2017, but first watch below.
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And the Nominees for The Game Awards 2015 are...

  • Cinelinx
As we reported earlier this month, The Game Awards will be live on December 3rd, on a bevy of streaming sites. Now, here are the nominatees and the categories.

Game of the Year

Bloodborne (FromSoftware / Sony Computer Entertainment)

Fallout 4 (Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Kojima Productions / Konami)

Super Mario Maker (Nintendo)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (CD Projekt Red / Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)

Developer of the Year

Bethesda Game Studios

CD Projekt Red


Kojima Productions


Best Independent Game

Axiom Verge (Tom Happ)

Her Story (Sam Barlow)

Ori and the Blind Forest (Moon Studios)

Rocket League (Psyonix)

Undertale (tobyfox)

Best Mobile/Handheld Game

Downwell (Moppin / Devolver Digital)

Fallout Shelter (Bethesda Game Studios | Behaviour Interactive / Bethesda Softworks) Lara Croft Go (Square Enix Montreal / Square Enix)

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate (Capcom)

Pac-Man 256 (Hipster Whale / Bandai Namco Entertainment)

Best Narrative

Her Story (Sam Barlow)

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