Lady of the Tropics (1939) Poster

Hedy Lamarr: Manon DeVargnes



  • Pierre Delaroch : You lie like a beggar.

    Manon DeVargnes : No, it's the truth!

    Pierre Delaroch : The truth? My dear, the truth is not in you. You have the face of the West; but, your soul is full of Eastern smoke.

  • Pierre Delaroch : My heart floats on your smile.

    Manon DeVargnes : Your heart is very light.

  • Commandant : I'm sorry, Mademoiselle; but, we feel you're better off in Saigon. Now, excuse me, please.

    Manon DeVargnes : But, Monsieur, Monsieur Commandant!

    Commandant : No, Mademoiselle. It's against our policy to send our half naked children into the world unprotected. I'm sure, my dear, you will in the end - be happier among your own kind.

  • Manon DeVargnes : What can a woman do to a man that is cruel?

    Bill Carey : I can think of a few things.

    Manon DeVargnes : Not in Saigon. In Saigon, women are not important enough to be cruel.

  • Bill Carey : I became a houseguest.

    Manon DeVargnes : Who's guest, Monsieur, did you become?

    Bill Carey : Anybodies. Anybodies with a swimming pool and a tennis court and a debutante lying around loose.

  • Nina : Monsieur Delaroch, Manon - that would be better to marry than someone who lives in a jungle!

    Manon DeVargnes : Monsieur Kim Kahoon goes to Paris every few years and the government is very nice to him. They allow him to take along his wives.

    Nina : All of them?

    Manon DeVargnes : No. Only those he prefers. He will take me. And, then, when I'm in Paris, Nina, I will run out of the hotel and down the street and around the corner and hide myself forever - in a white world.

  • Manon DeVargnes : Boats always look sad at night, don't they.

    Bill Carey : Yes. Like the moon. They ride away, like the moon.

  • Manon DeVargnes : We who are born as I am cannot have what we want. In Saigon, I see the boats go away and my heart goes away on each one and I stay behind.

  • Bill Carey : Kind of odd, isn't it. You go along hearing about love and thinking its something that happens only to lunatics and idiots. You keep wondering what all the yellings about and all the sudden you find out. You find out only once. Somebody you kiss just for fun, turns into a load of dynamite and blows you up.

    Manon DeVargnes : I've never been loved like that.

  • Manon DeVargnes : It isn't true. You're being nice to me. It isn't true!

    Bill Carey : You're coming with me as my wife - in the eyes of God and man and the United States Passport Bureau.

  • Manon DeVargnes : Darling, when you are gone I'm a little river in the forest waiting for the moon.

  • Bill Carey : The way I figure is this, a month in Paris...

    Manon DeVargnes : Oh, no, no, no, no. Two months.

    Bill Carey : Okay, two months. London, two months. And then we go home.

    Manon DeVargnes : Home? Where is that?

    Bill Carey : Rainbowland, honey, the good old U.S.A.

  • Bill Carey : Oh, Manon, my unpredictable little screwball!

    Manon DeVargnes : What is screwball?

    Bill Carey : A girl with one dress and laughing about it.

  • Bill Carey : All that silly firewater, last night. Me passing out on you.

    Manon DeVargnes : There will be other nights.

    Bill Carey : There better be.


  • Bill Carey : You know how much rubber comes out of a tree in 24 hours?

    Manon DeVargnes : No.

    Bill Carey : Enough to make 175 pencil erasers.

  • Manon DeVargnes : I want to tell him how bad I am. I want to tell him all the bad things I've done.

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